Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 357

Blurb: Hooray for internet spending!!

Backstory: I never have anything to wear, especially when it come to big occasions, but this year I'm getting ahead of the curve. I'm going to a big new years party and my office "holiday" party is in January, so I want to make sure I've got something nice to wear. That's why I decided to order five dresses offline; because I spent so much I even got free shipping, little does the site know I'm going to send back three of them. Luckily there were two winners in the box, one that I'll wear on new years and another that's a little tight that I'm keeping because it will look good in five pounds.

Day 356

I forgot to take a picture today but I went to the dentist, very exciting. Unlike a lot of people I don't really mind going to the dentist. We've been going to the same place since my parents moved to Columbus 26 years ago, so it's always very welcoming. Just in case your wondering I got an A+ on my check up, the hygenist said I'm doing a great job taking care of my teeth.

day 355

Blurb: Pizza treat.

Backstory: We only have a few more days of Christmas and I still needed to pick a couple things up for my parents' stockings. So I took a little time and went to the North Market for some lovely artisan goods. It was a great midweek treat to visit the market because I always end up buying something delicious. Originally I was going to eat dinner at home but then I decided to indulge and get some corn meal crust pizza; then I decided to get a Belgian waffle and an ice cream sandwich from Jeni's.

Day 354

Blurb: More tv magic.

Backstory: As I've said before, sometimes making things on tv look good means doing stuff the night before. Today we decided the anchors should decorate gingerbread houses and I agreed to do the prep work for the segment. The only reason I agreed to this was because I new that it would end up being a little complicated and I have the mixer needed for the icing.
But even I was surprised at the amount of work I did today. The picture is the carnage of my project. I assembled three gingerbread houses with glue and it took about three hours. The glue took longer to dry than I expected so I'm going to bed with them not totally finished. Right now there are three little houses without one section of their roof. Hopefully the glue will be dry tomorrow and I can finish them up at work.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 353

Blurb: Starting my week off right.

Backstory: Of course I love Dirty Franks, but today when I went for lunch I actually changed up my order. Normally I try to order the items that will give me the most cheese for my buck, but today I was in the mood for Mexican food. That's why I slammed down two Tecates and a hot dog with refried beans, salsa, bacon and cheese. It really wasn't that good. I got the that type of hot dog because I really wanted the Tecate, but in hindsight I could have just gotten the Tecate and my normal order.

Day 352

Blurb: Hello Easton at Christmas.

Backstory: For some reason I felt compelled to drag my mom to Easton today. It's the weekend before Christmas and it was packed. I didn't need anything but I really wanted to go. But it was so busy when we went into Macy's you would think they were giving the stuff away. It was a surprisingly enjoyable experience but I much prefer going to Easton when the weather is nice.

Day 351

Blurb: Captivated by Christmas.

Backstory: I know this picture is a little blurry but it really gets across the point of the day. There was a lot of action no matter where you were, but when the presents came out it was all about that moment. This is my cousin Robby's son Brandon wrapped up in opening one of his presents. We had our extended family Christmas today at my aunt Lilly's house. Our family has transitioned from having a lot of old kids to being filled with the young blood of four little ones, so today was all about them and it was hilarious.
I'm not around children a lot and I always forget how fast they move. Right when I came in the door with presents three of them ran strait towards me screaming. I seriously didn't know what to do because even after I sat the presents down they were still running around in circles. It was overwhelming and refreshingly hilarious at the same time.

Day 350

Blurb: It's our Christmas Tree.

Backstory: I have no problem admitting I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit this year. This picture is the tree at my parents house but at the apartment I don't have anything up. I feel like buying stuff for my little place is a waste of money when mom's going to put stuff up at their house. But this is probably why I'm not really in the Christmas spirit; it's no where around me. This season it's really been about buckling down and just working, not really thinking about the holidays. In fact I haven't really spent that much time around the tree, tonight was the first time since mom put it up that I actually sat and stared at the tree. It was actually really enjoyable, but I haven't been enthralled with Christmas as I have in the past.

Day 349

Blurb: I'm fighting with the restaurant down the street, they just don't know it.

Backstory: There are some good things about living near a nice restaurant but now I'm starting to experience one of the worst things: the parking. In the last week or so the parking on my street has gotten really bad. If I leave my spot anytime between 11a and 1:30p I have almost no chance of getting that spot again. The valets have been filling up the street so much I have to park down almost a block (I know, first world problems). This drives me INSANE! All I want is a parking spot, because I paid for my pass and I follow the rules. I just want to go to the gym during the day and not have to park blocks away. Valets, we are officially fighting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 348

Blurb: This is my nose, it's tired of spending time with tissues.

Backstory: I called off sick to work again and this is pretty much unheard of but I can't really sit up. I spent today the same way I did yesterday: laying on the couch then laying in my bed. I did manage to clean out everything on my DVR and I'm almost finished with a book I rented from the library on Sunday. The medicine needs to kick in so I can start breathing from my nose and drop this mouth breathing crap.

Day 347

Blurb: Yep I called off work today.

Backstory: After laying under my desk at work yesterday I called in sick to work today, and this is what I got. Doctor Tranen helped me out with some serious antibiotics that I started taking them. Turns out my sinuses and lungs are infect, this explains why my nose won't stop running and all I do is cough. I feel like crap and I can't sit up for more than 30 minutes.

Day 346

Blurb: Making my own little pharmacy.

Backstory: I feel like utter crap. The sickness started early yesterday but I still went to my brunch, I really shouldn't have done that. Today I had to go to the store to stock up on tissues and medicine because the tissues I have don't have moisture in them (first world problems). I felt so bad today I laid down under my desk when I finished my show, and for anyone who's been to my office you know how gross the floor is and how desperate I must have been.

Day 345

Blurb: Hello brunch.

Backstory: I work with a great group of ladies but I seldom see the majority of them because I work the weird shift. Luckily one of my bosses is getting married and we all got together today to have a bridal shower brunch. It was an amazing turn out, we had almost 14 people there and took over a good portion of the restaurant. There's not much else to say but it's always good to have a little time with people you don't get to see.

Day 344

Blurb: Say hello to 18 year old me with my least favorite hair cut of all time.

Backstory: Today was my sorority's Christmas brunch, more festively called Pine Party. It's incredibly adorable because all the old and young members come together, have brunch and exchange ornaments. Another great part of the brunch is that it's held at the house on campus. It's kind of weird to go back there when the students are in sessions but the girls have left for Christmas vacation so it's all ours.
The picture you see above is my composite picture from my freshman year. I love and hate this picture because it brings back a vivid memory of a very specific time.
First, I hated that hair cut more than any hair cut I've received in my entire life. I got it the day before Big Little Reveal and it hadn't grown out by picture day. Secondly, I was one of the palest girls in the pledge class. Last but not least it was INCREDIBLY hot and humid and all the freshmen were the last to go, so any effort I had put in on my appearance was lost. I know that sounds bad but this picture reminds me of a lot of good times.

Day 343

This is a short story. I stayed in tonight and laid on the couch with the dog.

Day 342

Blurb: Some kids are just good.

Backstory: When you work in television you have to work your share of holidays. Right now I'm lucky enough to work Monday through Friday, and this year Christmas falls on a Sunday. Unfortunately one of my friends has to work on the weekends and he has two daughters, one of them a newborn. That's why I offered to work Christmas Eve for him because their family travels to southern Ohio (we did this almost every holiday growing up because our family is from Indiana).
Stuart's six year old daughter Laney wrote me a very nice note thanking me for helping her dad out. I must say I was very impressed with her efforts. Most six year olds would have just drawn a picture and written Thank You, but that's not Laney's style. She actually wrote out a little note and only drew a small smiley face. It definitely made me smile.

Day 341

Blurb: Working on a little dog hygiene.

Backstory: Sadie has a problem, her breath is horrible. Part of this is because her mouth is filled with bad teeth, the other part is because she eats poop. So you can obviously see why she needed a good teeth brushing; plus I learned from one of the veterinarians we have on the show that you should try to brush your dogs teeth every day. Today I decided that it was a good time to introduce Sadie to the home doggie teeth brushing kit.
She was surprisingly ok with the entire situation. I made sure to go slow, letting her smell the brush then letting her eat some tooth paste before actually putting them together. I was very proud of her, she only squirmed a little and let me get a bunch of brushing done. I really thought this was going to go a lot worse but she showed how mature of a dog she is and that she's lost the will to fight back. And I must say her breath is much better.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 340

Blurb: Hey Christmas, what's up?

Backstory: This weekend I did some epic shopping and today I did some awesome wrapping. I have can have mixed feelings about Christmas, it tends to make me really stressed out. All the crazy people come out and the normal people start getting really pushy. So this weekend I did some crazy shopping just to get this all out of the way. In addition to the shopping I get a little stressed about wrapping because I think everything should look like Martha Stewart crapped it out. On a scale from one to Martha crap I think this job rates about a six, and I'm happy with that. So family, enjoy my stuff.

Day 339

Blurb: Yes, I bribe my child.

Backstory: Today I understand why all those parents on Toddlers and Tiaras bribe their children with Pixie Sticks; it makes life easier. You can not understand how much it has rained today. Buckets and buckets have just poured down creating huge puddles all over my walkway and making a crazy mess of the village. Thus, I did not take Sadie out on a walk and I had a huge amount of guilt. I alleviated this guilt by giving her special fancy dog treats, and as you can see from this picture my bribery worked.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 338

Blurb: Daniel refused to get up to take our picture so this angle is kind of odd.

Backstory: This morning my lovely grand-little Chris and I had brunch, her boyfriend Daniel came along as well. The best thing about Chris is that I don't have to make excuses when she's around. She knows I'm kind of a hot mess who doesn't like to clean and that I exclusively wear yoga pants when I'm not at work. This was the first time she'd see my new place (we lived together back in DC). In general she thought I was quite the big girl, but that was all taken away when she saw that I didn't have a shower curtain, only a shower liner. To quote Chris "You are this close to being a big girl, but you're just not there yet." I'm ok with this because honestly I like to have a lot of light when I show. But I miss you Chris.

Day 337

Blurb: A little Christmas shopping for myself.

Backstory: Tonight my friend Vanessa and I went downtown for the holiday edition of gallery hop. I really should have taken a picture of the delicious dinner we had at Hubbard Grille or the stores that were crowded beyond belief, but I forget. Instead here's a look at the early Christmas present I bought myself. For some reason I've really wanted this book and today I decided to pick it up and support a local merchant. So who knows, maybe I'll hit you with one of the lines such as " Your timeless beauty would be enhanced by a burka." or "To qualify for a Napoleon complex you'd have to grow 6 inches."

Day 336

Blurb: This can cause a lot of damage.

Backstory: Today's picture isn't very impressive but it gives me a lot to talk about. I like to call today's post "One of the stupidest things I've done in a while." On Tuesday I bought a really nice winter jacket and today I sprayed pepper spray in the pocket. The spray I have looks like a lipstick case; when I carry it around I normally leave the cap off because if I need to use it really fast the cap gets in the way. I've been doing this for the past couple months and haven't had any problems, but today when I bent down to pick up after the dog it sprayed in my pocket.
I didn't realize this had happened until I stuck my had in the pocket and found the wet stuff on my hand, then I realized "oh crap, I pepper sprayed my pocket." I worked feverishly to clean my pockets and I repeatedly washed my hands to avoid feeling like a student at UC Davis. But it turns out I didn't get it all off my hands because my face started to burn and I couldn't get the burning to stop. Eventually the burn just went away by itself, but I did feel pretty stupid.

Day 335

Blurb: Look at all this random crap.

Backstory: Today's post is a tribute to impulse buying. For the past month and a half I've been trying not to purchase things I don't need. I'm doing this for many reasons, some of which include: saving money, conserving space and consuming less. My quest to buy less has been going pretty well, but it's become a lot more difficult now that the urge to Christmas shop has kicked in. I really feel myself getting whipped into a credit card and commercial induced frenzy.
Today I went to the store with one of my co-workers with the intention of buying some de-icing spray and dog treats, but somehow we ended up at World Market. This is one of the worst stores for me when it comes to impulse buying because it's filled with old fashioned and European candy, booze and cute little knick-knacks. In the end I came home with a bottle of wine, gourmet oreos, a chocolate bar, dutch caramel cookies, extremely alcoholic beer and chocolate flavored soda. I needed none of this but hey, I'm going to enjoy it.

Day 334

Blurb: Hello binge Wednesday.

Backstory: I was supposed to have lunch with a friend today but she got caught up at work so I went to Chipotle. This is the first time I've been there in a while, which is surprising because earlier in the year I was eating there at least once a week. Let me say it was just as good as I remembered, I even went a little extra fatty-fat and ate the entire bag of chips.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 333

Blurb: I'm ready for winter.

Backstory: In just about 12 hours it's going to start snowing. This is not good news for multiple reasons; mainly because people in Columbus go nuts when it snows and because I don't have a winter coat. This is kind of ironic because I've been telling the new girl at work, who's from California, that she needs to get ready for winter. Well today I had to eat my own words when the meteorologist told me it was going to snow.
For the past three years I've worn a really gross white coat that was nice when I bought it, but I didn't really take care of it. So this year I'm vowing to take better care of my new purchase, and I better take care of it because I kind of splurged. I bought a long North Face down coat that's really attractive and warm. If I do say so myself it will make me look tres chic when I walk the dog.

Day 332

Blurb: This is real afternoon delight.

Backstory: I have a really knotty back. It's covered with tense little spots, specifically under my shoulder blades and in my lower back. Luckily I had a massage this afternoon so hopefully these little spots will go away soon. But I think the moral of the story is I need to try to reduce my stress levels and not hunch over my computer like Quasimodo.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 331

Blurb: My kitchen needs a little color.

Backstory: Today is one of those days the state of Ohio doesn't put in their tourism pamphlets. It's rained almost all day and when it wasn't raining it was misting. Unfortunately this is a weather pattern we're quite familiar with, especially from November to May. It's cold, wet and there's more gray shades of gray then Crayola could create.
That's why I decided to add a little sunshine to my life by purchasing some beautiful yellow flowers for my kitchen. They just looked so cheerful sitting next to all the other flowers. I was very tempted to go with the pink tulips but these bouquets looked like little bursts of sunshine. It should also be noted that these are in a beer stein I stole during Oktoberfest by the Bay when I was in San Francisco.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 330

Blurb: A sad day for Buckeye Fans.

Backstory: The Ohio State Michigan game is the most anticipated game in the Buckeye football season. We have a saying here in Ohio: it doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you beat Michigan. Well this year we didn't beat Michigan; it's the first time in 8 years we haven't beat them. To put this into perspective, the last time we lost I was watching the game in my freshman dorm.
There have been some great games in this series and today was a pretty good one. For the majority of the game the two teams traded off leading, but never by much. Then the fourth quarter happened. Michigan had a couple good series and an interception at a crucial moment. While it was sad to lose I had already prepped myself for a dismal outcome. I know this makes me sound like a bad fan, but honestly this hasn't been our year. I'm looking forward to next year. Sorry Luke Fickell, you're college football's Debra Norvel.

Day 329

Blurb: I'm pretty sure I know this bear.

Backstory: Tonight Megan, Jessica, Brandon, Alan and I all went to Zoo Lights. It's a great event the zoo does every year were they string over two million lights around the park. Brandon's girlfriend Lydia was kind enough to give us free tickets and you can see her (sort of) in the picture above. She was the polar bear last night and it was hilarious. There's nothing better than knowing your friends are a costume character because they're not allowed to talk so they try to communicate with you through gestures. If you know your friend is in a costume it's actually pretty easy to tell which one they are because their signature movements translate through fur.
Overall the experience was pretty fun, even though most of the animals were asleep. I haven't been to the zoo in almost 15 years; for all you Columbus kids, tonight was the first time I've seen the manatees. The zoo lights were a little disorienting because I haven't been there in so long. I had no idea where I was doing because it was so dark with lights specked through the trails. Luckily Brandon knew exactly where everything was so I just followed him like a kid on a leash. I do recommend going to this event, just make sure you know a little about where you're going or you'll get lost.

Day 328

Blurb: Having a non-traditional Thanksgiving.

Backstory: I must say I've been very lucky in my life. There are lots of things that happen that I don't plan for but they turn out well; this pretty much sums up this year's Thanksgiving. Let me start this story by saying when you work in news it's assumed you'll work every holiday. In all my time in news I've never had a Thanksgiving or Black Friday off and I've only had a handful of Christmases off.
Those nuggets of information bring me to my story for today. Originally my family had planned to go down to Indiana for Thanksgiving. My aunt Lilly was hosting and our great-aunt Bobbie was coming up from North Carolina so this was going to be an eating event. For me this meant working a full day, driving 2 and a half hours, eating, driving another 2 and a half hours then sleeping for the night. Even though it was doable it was going to be a long and stressful day. Adding to this stress was the fact that I had to clean my china and silverware that we used for our on air Thanksgiving.
Luckily my dad made a great suggestion when he heard my stressed voice raging through the phone. We decided to split for the holiday. Mom and Jenny went down to Indiana for the extended family dinner and Dad, Uncle Bill and myself stayed in Columbus and had dinner at Lindey's. While it was sad not to see everyone and enjoy all that food, it was much more doable after working 9 and a half hours. After doing dishes at work I went home walked the dog then the guys came over and we walked to Lindey's. The food was really good (but not as good as mom's turkey) and we had a very enjoyable nontraditional Thanksgiving.

Day 327

Blurb: Getting a little work done.

Backstory: I can't really afford to do any decorating right now so I'm trying to make a database of measurements, so when I do have money I'll be prepared. I have tons of stuff to put on my walls but I don't have frames, so I spent my evening measuring my maps and prints. When this is finished I'll create my little database that I can carry in my purse when I go shopping, so when I find the right frame I'll be able to buy with no fear. Hopefully after black Friday or the day after Christmas I'll be able to get a few things to give my place some characters.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 326

Blurb: Getting my bake on.

Backstory: I hate to toot my own horn but I'm a pretty good baker. It all started when I took a Wilton cake decorating course a couple years ago, but I haven't been baking a lot this year. For some reason I haven't really felt the need, possibly because I become all consumed with making my baked goods perfect. But today I decided to break out my big ol' Kitchen Aid mixer and make my friend Stuart some birthday cupcakes.
It was surprisingly satisfying to bake again. I love the way cupcakes look and how they smell. It just excites all my senses and fills me with happiness. Sometimes baking can become cumbersome with all the different ingredients and clean up, but today that wasn't the case. I stayed up with the dishes, kept the dishes clean and created some beautiful treats.

Day 325

Blurb: I'm officially the grumpy old woman in the neighborhood.

Backstory: My house is situated in a beautiful little courtyard and I'm surrounded by five other apartments, some of which are connected. Call me territorial but I believe the majority of the courtyard is mine because of the way my house is situated in relation to everyone else. This brings me to the need for the item in today's picture; one of the guys in the other houses just got a dog and I don't think he's picking up after it. It has been driving me insane!
Not picking up after your dog is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world because my dog eats poop. That means every time someone leaves their shit, there's a possibility Sadie will eat it (she's a good dog but this is her disgusting habit). This situation with the neighbor has been going on for about three weeks and sometime last week I was pushed over the edge. I took to Amazon and ordered the sign you see above. Later tonight I'm going to put this in my yard with a roll of doggy pick up bags, and hopefully he'll get the message. If I need to I will make an addition to the sign that says "My dog eats shit, please do me a solid and pick up your solid."

Day 324

Blurb: Trust me, there are two dogs in this picture.

Backstory: If you've learned anything from reading this blog you've learned my dog can be kind of mean. I frequently have to say "she's not friendly" on walks and she loves barking and growling at other dogs. That's why today was such a big deal for us: she met Sherman. Jenny and I have been debating when to introduce them since she got the little guy.
Luckily things did end up well. We started slow, letting them smell each other and after about 15 minutes we let them roam free. I think Sadie does understand that Sherman's a puppy which meant she was a little easier on him then she would have been with a stranger. One factor that does work in Sherman's favor is he's so fast Sadie can't really tell where he's going (a common problem when you only have one eye). If you look at today's picture you'll be able to tell he doesn't sit still.

Day 323

Blurb: This is a familiar sight five days a week. Now let's make it six.

Backstory: Say hello to day number six in my work week. I try not to write about work here but this is really all I did today; I waited around to go to work. Part of me doesn't mind working the extra day because it means extra money, but the other part of me is depressed because there were actually other things I could have done today. For the first time this year someone offered me tickets to Ohio State's game verses Penn State, which is always a good one. And if I hadn't gone to the game Paul Simon was in town and I could have gone to see him. So today's a depressing day. Here's to next week when I only work five days.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 322

Blurb: This is more than a burger, it's happiness on a plate.

Backstory: You have no clue what the food in this picture means to me. It truly made my week. I've been dieting pretty hardcore for two weeks, even on the weekend, and I haven't had a meal like this in I don't remember when. Around the middle of this week I became obsessed with having a big, fat burger. These thoughts literally became all consuming. While I was eating pieces of fruit and salads Jimmy Buffet's "Cheeseburger in Paradise" was playing in my head. Tonight mom and dad came into German Village and I was able to have fulfill my week long dream of sinking my teeth into a big piece of beef. It was extremely satisfying and filling, and add that with a Yuengling and it made for pure happiness. Thank goodness for Fridays and having a diet buster day.

Day 321

Blurb: Hello midday booze.

Backstory: One of the most embarrassing thing is to purchase alcohol in the middle of the day and have one of your co-workers see you (I'm talk about you Nick). We all know we drink but I just feel really pathetic when someone sees me in gym clothes a the grocery store staring at the wine bottles. I will defend this purchase by saying it was a gift for someone.

Day 320

Blurb: Things are looking a little different.

Backstory: It's only Wednesday and it's already been a long week, so long in fact that I've switched my sleeping schedule. For the past year and a half I've been sleeping a split shift, which means coming home sleeping five hours, getting up and doing stuff for three hours and going back to bed for four hours. It worked when I was living with mom and dad and during the summer but now it's become a lot more difficult.
I've been working long hours this week and I had to make the switch this week to sleeping between 3-11pm. This is what most morning show producers sleep but you can't really spend time with people in the outside world when you do this and I hate that. Now I have to take some of those preconceived notions back because sleep this schedule has been pretty good so far. I'm going to work not feeling groggy and I have time to work out when I get home. I actually think I might stick to this change.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 319

Blurb: Sadie's afternoon project.

Backstory: I must say my dog is quite the little artist. Her favorite medium to create in is toy fluff. For the past couple months I haven't given the dog toys because she's very aggressive with them. She won't let Ginger or myself touch them and she tries to bite us. Since moving that's changed. I've bought her a couple toys because she does enjoy squeaking them around the house, she also love destroying them. Today she ripped a little hedgehog to shreads and it was freaking adorable. Just watching her focus on ripping every thread out of the toy made me smile a little. Yes it's destructive but it was really amusing.

Day 318

Blurb: Say hello to my food steamer.

Backstory: What can I say, I love a good kitchen gadget. One of the things I really wanted when I moved to Mohawk was a food steamer. I have no clue why I wanted one, but I needed it. Well I've lived here for two months and I finally used the appliance I had to have, and I was very happy with the results.
I'm still struggling with my stainless steal pans and the steamer was a great way to cook multiple things without dirtying lots of pans. The first thing I decided to steam was a chicken breast. I must say I was a little nervous cooking meat first because I wasn't sure I was going to get the meat done enough. Luckily it came out fantastic, the meat was moist and cooked the entire way through. I'm definitely looking forward to using this because it's super easy.

Day 317

Blurb: You can see who's important in this picture.

Backstory: There were a lot of different pictures I could have posted for today but I settled on this because it really represented our day. You can see little 11 month old Cole surrounded by six women, and soon to be seven(that's me). It was a hilarious site to walk into because you can tell that's the only thing everyone cares about. Nobody wanted to be more than an arms length from Cole, especially my mom. Auntie Linda really wants a grandbabie of her own.
This was also one of the days where I really wanted to post more than one picture. These days don't come around a lot but Cole was very cooperate with the camera. He spent most of the afternoon rolling around on the floor, but the best part was went he decided to play on the dog's bear skin rug. It was really adorable and luckily one visit from him works as birth control for months.

Day 316

Blurb: Happy dinner everyone.

Backstory: Tonight I had a lovely date night with Megan (Porter) and Brian Smith. The three of us went to Fiesta Mariachi and then Megan and I went to see Tower Heist. Dinner was ok and the movie wasn't that bad. The ending of the movie was kind of surprisingly; the ending is not happy in the traditional way but it's still happy. Plus there are a lot of good actors, specifically Ben Stiller, Matthew Brodrick and Gabrielle Sidibe. I wasn't really that crazy about Eddie Murphy but he's never really rung my bell.

Day 315

There's really nothing to write about today. I went to mom and dad's for dinner. Yes, this is very boring but I like going over there on Friday nights because they don't expect anything out of me.

Day 314

Blurb: Hello commitment.

Backstory: I've had a free pass to Snap fitness for almost two weeks and I finally decided to sign on the dotted line. The sad thing is I considered just staying on the free pass so I could see how long it would take someone to figure me out. But guilt got the better of me and I paid for my membership. The good thing is I actually like the gym and have found myself going there more than I did at the Y. Hopefully this is not just a honeymoon period and I'll actually keep going.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 313

Today I've been updating my blog. I would have done it yesterday but my wireless router was freaking out. Dealing with technology makes my head hurt, I even had to call both my mom and sister to help me figure this thing out. Instead I just swore a lot and restarted a lot of stuff then gave up. So I started up everything today and it worked. Happy technology.

Day 312

Blurb: Happy voting day!

Backstory: Yes, I did my civic duty and voted. It wasn't sexy or interesting because it was an off year. Nothing really revs up the electorate like voting on statewide ballot issues and members of city council. I have to admit I almost didn't go vote because I was feeling super lazy, but guilt got the better of me. My polling place is far from work and I didn't feel like leaving the dog at home even longer by herself while I voted after work. But I did, so there, happy America day.

Day 311

No blurbs about this. Pretty much mom and I went out to Hooters for wings. Dad is getting ready to go on a diet and mom and I wanted to get one last dig in before we downgrade.

Day 310

Blurb: I broke one of my cardinal rules.

Backstory: Every year Christmas starts earlier and earlier, seriously. In Columbus one of the radio stations started playing carols the day after Halloween! I'm sorry, that is to early. I'm ok with starting the music in the middle of the month or maybe a few days before Thanksgiving but the day after trick or treat is too early. If we lived in a perfect world Christmas carols wouldn't start until December, the month when we actually celebrate the holiday.
Now that I've set you up with this rant I can explain how I broke one of my rules. I don't listen to Christmas music until the middle of the month and I try not to listen to it until the day after Thanksgiving. When it comes to buying holiday related stuff I will not buy anything until December. This is something I'm normally pretty strict about, at least until I saw what Sadie is wearing. Target put out ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs and they were only $2.50! I just had to buy it, even though I felt a little bit of shame.

Day 309

Blurb: Saturday night football!

Backstory: I'm trying to make new friends, and it's difficult. When you get older you lose all those opportunities (mainly school and extra circulars) to meet different people and you have to go more out of your way to make friends. That's why today I have to thank Nicki, she's my grand little Chris' best friend from high school and she's recently moved here to Columbus. She invited me to watch the Alabama-LSU game at her house tonight and it was quite enjoyable. Football, dogs, food, funny new people, what else could I have asked for. So follow Nicki's lead and be nice to people.

Day 308

Blurb: Big news on the Ohio beer front.

Backstory: Take a look at my first Yuengling in over a year. For some reason Ohio has not been allowed to have this great Pennsylvania beer in decades; something about they couldn't find a distributor or liquor laws. But that's all changed now. Yuengling came to the buckeye state on October 3rd but I've been dragging my feet about getting one. This is very odd considering it's the cheap draft choice of almost everyone on the east coast (seriously it was the main beer I drank out there). Tonight I decided enjoy my first pint at Cap City diner and it did not disappoint. I've kind of been over light beer recently, the carbonation has been a little too much. That's why I found my glass so refreshing. This could be the start of something new and good.

Day 307

Blurb: Please back away from the dog.

Backstory: Today was an extremely embarrassing day with the dog. German Village is filled with nice, playful dogs that just want to have a good time, but this does not include Sadie. For some reason this week I've been forced to say "Sorry, She's not friendly!" at least four or five times a day. The worst was today with an old man. I have no clue why but I felt like a mother dragging a screaming child through the mall when she decided to go crazy at the end of the leash. So come on down and walk through German Village with me and "she's not friendly."