Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 329

Blurb: I'm pretty sure I know this bear.

Backstory: Tonight Megan, Jessica, Brandon, Alan and I all went to Zoo Lights. It's a great event the zoo does every year were they string over two million lights around the park. Brandon's girlfriend Lydia was kind enough to give us free tickets and you can see her (sort of) in the picture above. She was the polar bear last night and it was hilarious. There's nothing better than knowing your friends are a costume character because they're not allowed to talk so they try to communicate with you through gestures. If you know your friend is in a costume it's actually pretty easy to tell which one they are because their signature movements translate through fur.
Overall the experience was pretty fun, even though most of the animals were asleep. I haven't been to the zoo in almost 15 years; for all you Columbus kids, tonight was the first time I've seen the manatees. The zoo lights were a little disorienting because I haven't been there in so long. I had no idea where I was doing because it was so dark with lights specked through the trails. Luckily Brandon knew exactly where everything was so I just followed him like a kid on a leash. I do recommend going to this event, just make sure you know a little about where you're going or you'll get lost.

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