Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 354

Blurb: More tv magic.

Backstory: As I've said before, sometimes making things on tv look good means doing stuff the night before. Today we decided the anchors should decorate gingerbread houses and I agreed to do the prep work for the segment. The only reason I agreed to this was because I new that it would end up being a little complicated and I have the mixer needed for the icing.
But even I was surprised at the amount of work I did today. The picture is the carnage of my project. I assembled three gingerbread houses with glue and it took about three hours. The glue took longer to dry than I expected so I'm going to bed with them not totally finished. Right now there are three little houses without one section of their roof. Hopefully the glue will be dry tomorrow and I can finish them up at work.

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