Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 341

Blurb: Working on a little dog hygiene.

Backstory: Sadie has a problem, her breath is horrible. Part of this is because her mouth is filled with bad teeth, the other part is because she eats poop. So you can obviously see why she needed a good teeth brushing; plus I learned from one of the veterinarians we have on the show that you should try to brush your dogs teeth every day. Today I decided that it was a good time to introduce Sadie to the home doggie teeth brushing kit.
She was surprisingly ok with the entire situation. I made sure to go slow, letting her smell the brush then letting her eat some tooth paste before actually putting them together. I was very proud of her, she only squirmed a little and let me get a bunch of brushing done. I really thought this was going to go a lot worse but she showed how mature of a dog she is and that she's lost the will to fight back. And I must say her breath is much better.

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