Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 90

Blurb: There's nothing better than a beautiful flower to brighten up the winter.

Backstory: There's something complex and beautiful about Orchids. I love them and have just started having them around the house. About two months ago I bought one, it stayed strong until this past weekend when the last blooms fell off.
Enter Julia Ashby. She solves a lot of problems in my life, including my need for a new orchid. This was given to her by one of our guests and she didn't want it. I happily stepped in and this beauty will now be sitting on my dresser. It's an ice orchid where you just put a couple cubes on the soil and let them melt. Hopefully this one will last as long as my last one.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 89

Blurb: WTF Columbus. It's almost April and we have an inch of snow.

Backstory: The midwest has a nice way of welcoming people back. Today it welcomed me back by dumping almost an inch of snow on the ground. In case you're wondering it's March 30, about a week after the end of spring. Apparently, mother nature didn't get that memo. I honestly thought we'd seen the last of it but now I have to head back to my favorite homeless hat and big puffy coat.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88

Blurb: From far away the cherry blossoms look like clouds surrounding the tidal basin, or the lace on the bottom of a wedding dress. When you get up close the blooms look like little pieces of popcorn on branches.

Backstory: I've wrapped up my mini-vacation in DC and Virginia. Overall I had a great time and it was so nice to be able to see everyone. I left feeling just as conflicted about my move has I did over six months ago. The most complicated relationship I have in my life is the one I have with this city. I love it and loath it at the same time. I love the history and life blood but I hate that it's far away from my family and that people can be mean.
There are reason to stay in Columbus and reason to say in Washington. I don't know if I'll ever figure out which city I prefer because it always feels like I want to be in the other city. Taking small vacations will probably be the way I handle my missing of DC. I would love to have a job that lets me stay in Columbus for three weeks out of the month and a week in DC. There are so many things I love to do in the District that I would need a week to do them. Plus, people operate on very different schedules and you always miss someone.
All in all I'm happy I left DC. My overall quality of life is better and I seem to be happier. I remember this time last year very vividly because it was the first time Sadie bit me in the face and we had termites in our bathroom wall. I was absolutely miserable at this time last year. When looking at this time last year I've definitely progressed. I've lost some weight and things seem pretty good. So here's to you DC, may you always be there for me to visit.

Day 87

Blurb: Oh, back to school. Back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool.

Backstory: There are very few things more frightening then seeing dozens of kids run down a hill towards you. It's like a tidal way of children as they scream and dart back and forth to each object on the playground during recess. This was my first experience with Kindergartners since being one of them. The first ten minutes I was in complete shock, thank goodness that wore off within the hour, because as O'Hara told Arnold in Kindergarten cop "they can smell the fear."
Honestly they were not bad at all, they were very well behaved. When preparing myself to visit Katie's class I had readied myself for the worst. I was ready to have kids sit on my lap and try to wipe boogers on me. Instead I just heard a lot of talking and got a few very nice hugs.
What I first noticed about the kids is that most of them like to talk, and they do it a lot. They will talk about anything; the Easter bunny and their siblings were hot topics along with Justin Bieber. I didn't believe how big the Biebs is with kids until I was in class and I had a lot of them tell me about how much they love him.
The second thing I noticed is that it really is a few bad apples that ruin the bunch. Out of the 23 or 24 kids there were four who caused all the trouble. These were on the ones who interrupted the teacher, talked to everyone and got up when they weren't supposed to. I didn't understand the issue of class size until I sat in a little room filled with Kindergartners. They require a lot of attention and it's really hard to make sure they're all learning. I give Katie a lot of credit, she has some sort of system for making sure they learn. If you ever think teachers have easy jobs let one of them leave you alone with their classroom for an afternoon, with no help, and see how you do. If you're like me chances are you will freeze in your Speary top siders.

Day 86

Blurb: Katie and I are the perfect old women and we're only 25.

Backstory: After a rag-tag 48 hours in the District I've headed beyond the beltway and into Fredericksburg, Virginia. My best friend Katie moved here around the same time I moved to DC, so it was a great coincidence. The best thing about Fredericksburg, besides Katie, is the antique shopping. As you might of noticed from yesterday's post it's something I enjoy doing.
The downtown part of the city is lined with antique stores that sell some pretty good stuff at fair prices. A lot of stores here in Columbus will jack up the prices on things you get get pretty cheap in Fredericksburg, so I like to take my time and go through every store within a three block radius. It's a really good thing Katie likes to shop for old things too. While there I bought two light blue old canning jars, two vintage maps of Canada and a Reagan campaign button for my friend Monica. We did this for hours and needless to say I was exhausted.
Afterwards we had a little something to eat then we just hung out at Katie's house and watched movies. It was a big relief to just do this because I'm not used to doing a lot of stuff, I live a very low key existence. We had a nice round of 90s movies and we finished out deserts from the restaurant.

Day 85

Blurb: This is what happens when you tangle with Fat Nora.

Backstory: I could have used a picture from Georgetown or one of my friends but I decided to use this picture because it's one of my favorite, ever. Meet Fat Nora, my friend Becky's roommate's cat. Nora probably weighs over 25 pounds and rules the roost with iron claws. She enjoys chasing Reilly around and getting in Becky's room, two things she's not allowed to do. I was picking Nora up to get her out of the room when this happened. She's like trying to hold a really big water bottle; it easily slips out of your hand and it always feels like it's going to bust. Every time I look at this picture I laugh hysterically remembering how heavy she was and how hard it was to hold onto her.
Ok, now to the weekend. Last night we stayed out very late, even by normal person standard. It started out watching OSU lose to Kentucky at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont. There were so many people there the bouncer was making people wait to get in; this has never happened to me at any bar let alone and underground sport bar. We had a great time but it sucked because Ohio State lost in the last few seconds. Not wanting to stay there any longer we crossed the circle to the best place in DC: Kramer's books. It's a book store that also has a bar and restaurant, and they're open 24 hours of the week.
Kramer's is one of those can't miss places in DC. Everyone goes there because it's freaking awesome. The books are a mix of popular and somewhat indie and they have a huge inventory. In addition to this you can have a beer or a piece of pie during your stop. I consider Kramer's multi-tasking at its finest. We had a so-so late dinner with amazing deserts. We didn't wrap up there until almost 2am.
Today we didn't get up and moving until 11am. We started with a great walk for Reilly at the dog park where I used to take Sadie. The two of us have many good memories from that small, dirt filled corner lot. It's a very small space but it's open and the dog love it. Reilly is also hilarious to watch because all he does is run in circles. He's the kind of dog this park was made for.
After that it was strait off to Georgetown for brunch with some of our favorite news ladies and Jack. We met Nicole and Alison at Old Glory, a barbecue place I've always want to go but didn't have time to while I lived there. The food in general was nothing special but the cayenne syrup was really good with the sweet potato pancake.
Following brunch we engaged in one of my favorite past times: Antiquing. Alison and I used to talk about antiques and interior design blogs all the time at work and she knows the best places to get good, cheap stuff in the Georgetown. I could easily go antiquing all day but we had to breeze through it to make dinner in Virginia.
Dinner was a very long evening and we're staying in tonight and getting frozen yogurt, one of my favorite things. I'm starting to remember what was so hard about living in the District, you spend a lot of time running around and spending money.

Day 84

Blurb: Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. It's welcome back Bailey to the District.

Backstory: It's Friday and I'm in the District. Now begins a weekend of fun and reliving the past. I suppose the trip is going to be like going back to college for people who went away to college. First on the list to head back to old work and my old hood.
Old work has done a lot of changing and it's made me glad I jumped ship when I did. A lot of people have been laid off and that big newsroom is looking pretty empty. Also, there are a lot of mice and mouse traps around the building. Apparently Politico's mouse even has its own twitter account. When I got there on Friday night guys were just walking around the newsroom throwing down old fashion mouse traps with nothing on them. Apparently they work and I know they work on humans because they're keeping me away.
As for old hood things haven't changed too much. My friend Jack has come up with a great way to describe all the trash you find in our neighborhood: the garbage fairy. She walks around and throws trash for dogs to eat and little kids to pick up. If you are a dog owner you know the garbage fairy very well. I was staying with my friend Becky and she just got a little dog who has started to eat some of this yummy trash. The worst thing in the world is that people will throw their chicken bones on the ground and the dogs go nuts for them. Sadie used to pick them up all the time and Reilly had about three tonight.
Now it's off for an evening of frolicking through out my halfway homeland. Luckily things don't change that much in DC so it's easy to relive the past and do your favorite things. Hopefully I can fit everything in.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Something Suspicious

I've been out of town for a couple days hanging out with my peeps in the District and Fredericksburg. Major hat tip to Stu Osborne for detecting that something had happened to my blog. I think it's fine right now but if you notice anything weird or get an email from me watch out. I think someone might have hacked my accounts. I've been having problems with my Gmail and Blogspot stuff, but facebook seems to be fine. Will trouble shoot tech problems when I return.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 83

Blurb: I'm officially a dog stage mom.

Backstory: Working in tv has its perks, most importantly getting my dog on tv. I don't really care if I ever get on air. That might change if I lose 40 pounds and get my teeth a little straighter, but right now I don't care. The dog on the other hand, I take every chance I can to get her on air. There's just something about showing off my pride and joy that fills me with happiness. This is her debut on Good Day Columbus as the "Caption This" photo. Hopefully this will not be her last appearance.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82

Blurb: Someone really doesn't like thunderstorms.

Backstory: Today we got our first big thunderstorm of the year over last night and into today. Turns out Sadie is very afraid of the sound. I've never seen her react this way to a storm, normally she's pretty good but for some reason today's storms sent her over the edge.
She's turned into a stage five clinger and hider. I like the stage five clinger thing because she's not really a cuddler. The hiding on the other hand makes me a little sad. She spent most of today hiding under my bed and apparently she got in bed with my parents last night. Hopefully these storms have left and if they haven't I will enjoy my cuddle time.

Day 81

Blurb: Nothing is more fun than indoor fireworks.

Backstory: One of the few things I wasn't allowed to watch growing up was wrestling. My mom still doesn't think it's healthy for young kids to watch people hitting each other, she says it warps their perspective on relationships. As a 10-year old all I wanted to do was watched the British Bulldog slam some people in the ring, but it was not allowed out our house.
WWE Smackdown was a serious event. These shows have a very high production value and there are story lines.It's kind of like a man soap opera and I didn't realize what I was getting into. The fans are serious about the characters and they draw you in with them, which is what happened. Without knowing what happened I was suddenly engulfed in the story, screaming with the rest of the fans.
We got to the event a little early and had time to take in the sights and sounds of Smackdown. There are a lot of little kids that get really into the show. They run around in John Cena shirts and Mysterio masks cheering for the best known characters and buying a ton of merchandise. I think that vibe helped get me into the event. It also helped that I was very open to the experience. It was definitely a way for me to fulfill a childhood dream.
I also learned a great lesson about friendship that I'd like to share with you, let me set the scene: Christian is getting ready to take on Alberto Del Rio, who's the heel. Less than a week ago Del Rio had done a number on Christian's friend The Edge, injuring Edge's elbow. It was a very violent event and the commissioner of wrestling told them both if they touched each other they'd be banned from Wrestlemania! When Christian came out for his match The Edge came with him to stare down Del Rio. I forget exactly how it all happened but Christian threw Del Rio out of the ring. This was the most tempting thing for The Edge, who was handed a chair by the production staff. The Edge stood over Del Rio tempted with the thought of easy prey but he was also conflicted because if he hit him he would be allowed to go to Wrestlemania.
This is where the true story of friendship takes place. Christian came over and took the chair out of The Edge's hands, preventing him from losing his chance at the biggest event in wrestling. Instead Christian took the chair and used it on Del Rio, saving his friend and avenging him at the same time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80

Blurb: A week ago today I filled out my March Madness bracket, today I filled out my nerd bracket.

Backstory: For those of you who don't know me, I love things that are nerdy. There's just something about turning things that involve sports into nerd knowledge that I love. For example I actually played fantasy congress for one season, yes I said congress not football.
That's why it's no surprise that I filled out a bracket for Democrats vs. Dictators. On one side there are the world's democratically elected leaders and on the other the world's most famous dictators. I was filled with glee when I found this bracket and I'm pretty excited to see who comes out on top.
I obviously chose Obama because it's like voting against Ohio State, I can't do it. This is a little disappointing because I have a serious girl crush on Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard and she has to be beat by the president in the third round. On the dictators side I went with a very vintage pick, Russian President Vladamir Putin. What can I say, no one does iron fist like the Russians. So my bracket is a cold war showdown with American coming out on top. USA! USA! USA!

Day 79

Congratulations to one Jenny Cultice. She graduated from The Ohio State University today. It's been a long road and we're all very proud of her! So today we raise our glass to Jen.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78

Blurb: Why, hello french toast. We meet again.

Backstory: This morning my long lost friend Cara and I went to brunch at Cap City Diner. I haven't seen Cara in two years and I had gift Cameron Mitchell gift cards so it seemed like a good reason to get together and eat.
Pictured above is the breakfast I had minus the bacon. The toast tasted more like a pound cake than a traditional bread. It was good but very rich. The only part I didn't like about dish was the bottom of the toast was somewhat under done. Also, the bacon was kind of weird. It's the only place I've ever had glazed bacon. The whole theme of this meal was richness. I could only eat two or three pieces of the bacon, which was less than half the pile.
All in all the meal was good. It's not the best french toast I've had, but it should also be noted that I'm a connoisseur l'pain de francais. Just in case you're wondering the title of best french toast belongs to The Heights on the corner of 14th and Kenyon in Columbia Heights. They take home the title because of their delicious caramel-pecan sauce.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 77

It's tournament time in Buckeye Country! Tonight the team took on UT San Antonio and pretty much crushed them. UTSA is a 16 team and we're the 1 seed in the entire tournament. Hopefully this will allow us shut the haters up.

Day 76

Blurb: We're getting serious about weight loss at our house, even Sadie is going on a diet.

Backstory: The midwest has been good for Sadie. Her behavior has changed a lot, specifically her aggression has gone down and she's become a little more social with other animals. Another thing that's changed is her waistline, it has expanded.
When we went to the vet in January he called her a little football and said she needed to lose about three pound, which is a decent amount for a dog her size. Recently we've noticed she's gained even more weight. My dad asked if she'd been eating lead because she's a solid, compacted little thing. It's really like picking up a boulder. I'm trying to get healthy and I've decided she's going to get in on the fun.
What you see pictured above is the dog version of Jenny Craig. Each day she gets two packages of pre-portioned food and two special dog biscuits. The portions of food are about a fourth of a cup, the kibbles are a little bigger and much harder than normal food. So far she doesn't seem to mind the diet food. It's true dogs don't really care what they eat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75

Blurb: "Bailey, stop calling it Puma. People keep thinking it's going to be a puma. Plus. the thing's name was Pumba."

Backstory: I got to experience a little bit of the Lion King at work. This is Tanzy, she's a three month old warthog from the Columbus Zoo. It's always hilarious when the zoo visits because you never know what the animals are going to do. When Tanzy was brought into the studio she decided she didn't want to be in her cage anymore so she started squealing while we were on air. It sounded super cute from where I was sitting but it was apparently pretty distracting in the studio because she was rocking her crate back and forth. Nothing like Pumba to make your morning happy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74

Blurb: This is one of Columbus, Ohio's many gems, our public library system.

Backstory: I've been a fan of the library for many years. This is no surprise, you all should be fans of your library. Lucky for me Columbus has one of the best systems in the country which means there are lots and lots of CDs for me to white trash copy into my iTunes. I stopped by today to pick up a Regina Spektor album and an interior design book on tree houses.
This picture was taken on the second floor of the main library downtown. It's a beautiful building with a really interesting art installation that's been there for as long as I can remember. If you look at the picture you can see it through the arch, all the hanging balls and objects. To me it's always looked like a weird paper mache interpretation of the solar system. No matter what it is it's inspiring and I enjoying seeing it because it reminds me of simpler times.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73

Blurb: It's time to get serious, people! And you better pick Ohio State.

Backstory: There's something about March Madness that brings out the best and worst in me. I don't know if it's the college sports or the office gambling, but I get really excited to fill out my bracket.
My strategy for picking teams is pretty traditional and NOT based on mascots and colors, as you might think. The majority of my picks are based on how the teams have done for me in previous brackets. The second factor is the conference, I prefer Big Ten teams for obvious reasons. Needless to say I've entered my fair share of pools (this year is no exception)and I've done halfway decent.
I still think about my 2003 bracket in my friend Alan's pool where I placed second. More importantly, I would have finished first had it not been for Zach Bond. We were sitting in history class and he heard my say my final total score and he picked on point higher. And he said, "I'll pick one higher than you just to see what happens." Well you can guess what happened, we were tied going into the final game and the final score was his pick.
Now coming back from that tangent to my current bracket. I have Ohio State winning the whole thing, I would be a bad Buckeye fan if I didn't. Also in my final four: San Diego State, Pitt and Kansas. I only picked three upsets in the first round and every final four team I picked is a one seed except San Diego State. This is a descent bracket but it seems pretty common so I don't know if it will we me the big money. A girl can always dream.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

Blurb: Ladies man your stations.

Backstory: To many people this is a frightening or confusing site. It's a table covered with craft materials that will magically transform into wedding invitations. It involves lots of cutting, gluing and folding and everything is very small.
My friend Megan is getting married in June and the wedding party was called in today to make invitations. This picture is of her table with all the "stations" of things she needed finished. She set this all up before we got there so all you had to do was sit down and get crafting (I recommend other brides do this, plus she had food so I am more likely to come back).
Today I folded the main invitations, cut paper, punched out flowers and tied ribbons for the invitations. As someone who grew up doing crafts, things like this are actually fun for me. I can sit silently or while watching tv and do tedious activities for hours, I find it very soothing. Next weekend we're doing our final invitation prep then they'll be ready to send out!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71

Blurb: Jenny is a darts champion. I got my ass owned.

Backstory: Sometimes the best laid plans go array. Tonight we tried to go to the Ohio Roller Girls' first home match but when we got there it was sold out. My little sister Jenny, her boyfriend and I tried to go to a couple places to eat but they were packed. I was a little disheartened by this all until we finally settled on Momma's Pasta and Brew.
During college I lived off campus for three years and only about three blocks away from Momma's, but I never went there. Actually, I did go there once on senior crawl because it's a tradition to kiss the moose there. It's quite a sad thing that I never went there because it's a great little place. There are less than ten table plus a little bar, the interior is all wood and there are all pictures all around. It's been a campus staple for decades and now I realize why.
When you go in you're instantly taken back and time becomes irrelevant. We ordered a pizza and a pitcher and settled in for a game of darts. Tonight I learned while my sister has poor form, she is very good at darts. The first game she beat AJ and I by a lot and the second game she only beat me by about 40 points. It was great to spend some time on campus reliving my time in college even though I went to a place I never went in college.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70

This house is the keeper of memories and many things that shouldn't be repeated. Tonight I visited my sorority house where I lived for three years of college. It was nice to stop by but it did make me feel a little old.

Day 69

Blurb: I can finally check going to the Waffle House before work off my bucket list.

Backstory: Today was pretty much a complete wash. We've been having meetings at work this week that have been lasting until almost noon which is two hours past when I normally leave. This is every hard on my body's clock so I decided to sleep through the day on Thursday and get up a little before 11pm. This picture was taken late in the day but still technically on day 69.
Since I started working the overnight shift I've wanted to get up and go have a nice breakfast before heading into the office. This hasn't been possible because I normally get up at 11:30 and I have to be at work at midnight. Today I was able to check this off my to-do list by heading to the Waffle House at 11:15.
There's nothing that makes you feel more salt of the earth than having a woman named Dolly serve you a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with hash browns fresh off the grill. If I was smart I would have gotten there a little earlier so I didn't have to rush through my experience. In my head I imagine this is what great writers do; they sit with a cup of coffee at an all night dinner writing pieces of their next novel in their trusty moleskin. Obviously I'm not in their class so I just scarfed down my food and headed out. By I still enjoyed thinking that's what I was doing.

Day 68

Blurb: Hello Dolly Deltas.

Backstory: First let me say sorry these posts have been so late, this week has been a little crazy. I'm writing this on Friday for Wednesday so here it goes.

It's always nice to get together with some nice ladies for a delicious dinner. A small group of us went out for a sorority happy hour at this great little place called Bodega. Me going out this night served a two fold purpose: 1- Visit with people I don't see often 2- Not let my job dictate my life.
Working overnights can make your schedule very restrictive if you let it, so I've been trying to do more things at night or during the day with people. Getting to this event was a little trying because I worked over ten hours that day and didn't get to sleep much. But I still went and had some good conversation and good food. I would have loved to have stayed longer but I was just glad I got to go.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67

Blurb: Today was not Ginger's day, the Cultice family is officially turning into the no teeth family.

Backstory: We're loosing teeth left and right. Today it was Ginger's turn to visit the vet. She lost four teeth which is good because we originally thought she'd have to have seven taken. If you're keeping count our dogs have now lost 11 teeth between the two dogs.

Day 66

Blurb: Nothing starts a week off right like wine week.

Backstory: Twice a year something magical happens, wine week. It's when Smith and Wollensky offers a flight of wine for ten dollars during lunch; you get ten tastings of wine and if you're lucky you get more. I got a little more because I kept drinking people's glasses. This post is a day late because I was not in any condition to be using technology when I got home.
It was a delicious and fantastic time, even though I did spend a little too much. I decided to go with lower calories and higher cost, but when you think about it I was actually eating dinner. On my plate: a filet with no sauce and asparagus. At least that's what it was until my little sister got there. As thanks for her coming to get me I ordered her truffle Mac and Cheese and we split a huge piece of chocolate cake. Jenny's food was AMAZING and it was extremely hard to not hit her and take it. Moral of the story: wine is good and dieting sucks.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65

Blurb: This is how you know you're shopping in the right place.

Backstory: The search is on for the perfect hipster outfit and fanny-pack. The two are not exclusive but they're both needed for some epic outfits I'm planning for my trip to the District. Ideally the outfit would involve a pastel Member's Only jacket and the fanny-pack just needs to be annoying but extra points would be given got for anything patriotic.
There's only one place in Columbus where you can go to find truly interesting clothing: Rag-O-Rama. The mannequin pictured above is one of the many displays inside the store that looks really crazy. It's a used clothing store that specializes in costumes, up to date clothing and the weird.
Today's visit was a bit of a wash because I didn't find any of my two most needed items but I did find two good things, a small purse that has a Native American feel and a t-shirt from Columbus must shop store Homage. The shirt says "the Lord is my Shepard but Bobby Knight is the coach." It's a shirt I've wanted for a while so I was pretty happy to get it for a couple dollars off.
The search is now is ongoing status for my must have DC clothing items. I want to use the fanny-pack to be an annoying tourist and I need the hipster outfit to go to this hipster bar near my old house. If you have either of these and are willing to lend them to me it would be much appreciated.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64

Blurb: This is how all women like to spend their Saturdays, watching other much more physically fit women get painted to look like avatars.

Backstory: It's the Arnold Fitness Expo weekend in Columbus. Thousands of the most muscular people in the world have descended on Columbus for four days of non-stop iron pumping madness. These are people who you seldom see roaming around in the wild, it's another reason this event is such a big thing.
It's hard to really explain the whole event unless you were there because it was a little overwhelming. Tons of people were squished into a large space that didn't seem big but it was. There are also lots of free sample and people will fight each other for a little glass of protein shake. Don't even try to get in the way when there are actually free things in bulk. Plus, the events that actually happen are crazy. We saw ten men lift a thousand pounds of timber over 30 feet in less than 12 seconds.
It's an event that's both serious for the competitors and fun for the attendees who come to do a little freak spotting. As you can imagine I was in the latter group. This lady you see in the picture was one of the first people I saw at the event, which was super crowded. My friend and I had a fun little game called spot the meat, there were many different categories like starter meat, female meat and serious meat. This woman just fell into the other category.
The people at this event are extremely dedicated to working their bodies into the perfect shape. It's not necessarily my idea of beauty but I appreciate the time and effort they put in. Plus, everyone is tan. Apparently if you're a body builder you are not allowed to be pale.
I'm a little tired after spending hours at the Arnold but it was a good time. I got to see a lot of muscular people who made me feel a little bad about myself, but it was worth it to see people lift really heavy stuff. Next year I think I will just go to the classic where you see the actual people with lots and lots of muscles.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 63

Blurb: Some days your plans just don't pan out.

Backstory: It's a rainy day and things have been a little rough this week. I was going to cook what you see on the right on the paper. It's healthy and a little more complicated that what you see on the right. It's a low carb verison of a fancy spaghetti from Martha Stewart living. Spaghetti squash is the base with spinach, mushrooms and turkey meatballs. Instead we ended up with gyros.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62

Blurb: View from the newsroom of the sun rising over "broadcast lake."

Backstory: The only way that you know it's getting closer to spring is that the sun is rising earlier every day. This morning was the first time I'd noticed how early it was actually popping into the sky. I took this picture around 6:50a right before my show.
The funny thing about this time if year in Ohio is that you never know how it's going to feel when you go out. This sunrise was the precursor to a beautifully sunny morning that was really freakin' cold. But you can never bet the farm that sunny mornings equal cold mornings because sometimes you get lucky. Hopefully we'll we seeing warm temperatures along with the sun because I'm getting really tired of seeing the 20s when I walk out to my car.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61

Blurb: This is American gluttony at it's finest. 135 cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in one bag.

Backstory: Today we went to the land of excess as a family. This place is also known as Sam's Club. If you're not familiar with this place it's similar to Costco, and if you're not familiar with Costco it's a store that sells EVERYTHING in bulk.
I can't decide how I feel about buying in bulk. In some instances I think it's extremely wasteful but in other ways it's great. On the good side I got an 80 pack of Caribou K cups for $30, something that would have cost me over $50 at Target. On the other side, do you really need 15 rolls of paper towels or a gallon tub of mayonnaise? These are the questions a visit to Sam's Club induces.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60

Blurb: I can't tell if this is a totally stupid idea but I think it might be.

Blurb: Today I decided to do a little experiment on myself. It should be noted that there are many flaws to this exercise but who really cares, I'm going to talk about fake pot brownies. Obviously if I was a real scientist there would be a control group and I probably would have needed to do this over a couple days.
In the picture you'll see what I ate earlier today, it's called a Lazy Cake. It's filled with organic materials and melatonin, which is what your body produces naturally to make you sleep. Lazy Cakes are marketed as the non-pot Pot brownies. We received a box at work and we're going to do a segment on them so I figured it would be a fun idea to try them out.
Right now it's just before 7pm and I ate the lazy cake around 6:10pm. Honestly, I feel about the same as I would have without the brownie; I'm not feeling any worse or better just normal. I've never had a pot brownie so I was kind of anticipating a feeling similar to when you take NyQuil and stay up for a while. Nothing. I was a little tired to begin with but nothing has really changed from that.
So experiment results: Fail. If I want to get a real result I'm probably going to have to try it again.