Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 328

Blurb: Having a non-traditional Thanksgiving.

Backstory: I must say I've been very lucky in my life. There are lots of things that happen that I don't plan for but they turn out well; this pretty much sums up this year's Thanksgiving. Let me start this story by saying when you work in news it's assumed you'll work every holiday. In all my time in news I've never had a Thanksgiving or Black Friday off and I've only had a handful of Christmases off.
Those nuggets of information bring me to my story for today. Originally my family had planned to go down to Indiana for Thanksgiving. My aunt Lilly was hosting and our great-aunt Bobbie was coming up from North Carolina so this was going to be an eating event. For me this meant working a full day, driving 2 and a half hours, eating, driving another 2 and a half hours then sleeping for the night. Even though it was doable it was going to be a long and stressful day. Adding to this stress was the fact that I had to clean my china and silverware that we used for our on air Thanksgiving.
Luckily my dad made a great suggestion when he heard my stressed voice raging through the phone. We decided to split for the holiday. Mom and Jenny went down to Indiana for the extended family dinner and Dad, Uncle Bill and myself stayed in Columbus and had dinner at Lindey's. While it was sad not to see everyone and enjoy all that food, it was much more doable after working 9 and a half hours. After doing dishes at work I went home walked the dog then the guys came over and we walked to Lindey's. The food was really good (but not as good as mom's turkey) and we had a very enjoyable nontraditional Thanksgiving.

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