Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 317

Blurb: You can see who's important in this picture.

Backstory: There were a lot of different pictures I could have posted for today but I settled on this because it really represented our day. You can see little 11 month old Cole surrounded by six women, and soon to be seven(that's me). It was a hilarious site to walk into because you can tell that's the only thing everyone cares about. Nobody wanted to be more than an arms length from Cole, especially my mom. Auntie Linda really wants a grandbabie of her own.
This was also one of the days where I really wanted to post more than one picture. These days don't come around a lot but Cole was very cooperate with the camera. He spent most of the afternoon rolling around on the floor, but the best part was went he decided to play on the dog's bear skin rug. It was really adorable and luckily one visit from him works as birth control for months.

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