Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 -- The End

Well, I did it. I have made 365 post about everyday of my life in 2011. Some of them have been pretty boring, others have resulted in great pictures or great stories. I hope you enjoyed going on this journey with me, I will not be continuing this in 2012. While I started out strong, the quality of my posts has gone down as the year came to an end. Hopefully you all will do this for yourselves, it's a great way to remember the small things that make up the great web that is a life.

Day 365

Blurb: Too bad every new year I just want to sing the Prince song 1999.

Backstory: Yes, we've finally reached the last day of 2012 and I have really been making the most of the holiday season. For the past two weeks I've given myself a pass when it comes to eating healthy. These past two weeks have been filled with croissants, candy and heavy red meat. Today all my meals have been cheese or chocolate based, and while this has been delicious I'm starting to feel the effects of eating so poorly. Needless to say I'm actually look towards 2012 so I can stoop feeling like a big block of Velveeta.

Day 364

Blurb: A surprise visit from the baby of the family!!

Backstory: Just when I thought today was going to be a busy run of the mill day I get a phone call that this little guy is in town. Up until 4pm, today had consisted of a trip to the gym and two hours worth of running errands all over town, but then I got a little happy baby time with Coleman. Some of my family from Indiana came up to get a some sewing done and we all had dinner and watched the baby play with things he wasn't supposed to. The only reason he looks angry in this picture is because Kaity just finished changing his diaper and they were getting ready to leave. Trust me, he did have a very enjoyable time.

Day 363

Blurb: Buying tomorrow self a treat.

Backstory: No matter what I pack for breakfast I generally don't want it when I get to work and sit down to eat. For the past week I've been crazy for the plain croissants at Pistacia Vera, the french bakery near my house. Today I decided I was going to plan ahead for the hardest meal of the day and pre-buy myself an amazing breakfast made up of a croissant and a piece of chocolate cake. Let's just say right now I'm pretty pleased with myself and I'm really looking forward to waking up in the morning.

Day 362

Blurb: OMG Jessica came to visit Ohio.

Backstory: I'm probably one of the many people out there that keeps in touch with their friends from high school. What can I say I like them. But one of them decided to leave for Florida last year, I'm talking about you Jessica Lucas. We've known each other for almost 20 years, but we've only liked each other for about the last 12. Whenever we together we like to reflect on the years and how we were mortal enemies in elementary school and part of middle school. But of course we're beyond that now and we enjoy getting together with our friends whenever she's in town. Oh little Jessica I hope you're reading this and smiling.

Day 361

There's no blurb or backstory today. I just decided to buy myself a little present at the store. I love orchids because they're so delicate and colorful. This one spoke to me when I was picking up eggs and milk and now it's living next to my tv.

Day 360

Blurb: A little after Christmas shopping.

Backstory: Just like Black Friday, I always swear I'm not going to shop the day after Christmas. I've worked a full day and it's the last thing I need to do. But this year the temptation was too great, I took my Target gift card and loaded up on some stuff I needed (socks) and stuff that was just for fun (30Rock season 5). I always get really worked up when I shop on busy days so even though it was enjoyable it was also very stressful at the same time. I must say I am looking forward to the holiday season being over.

Day 359

Blurb: Merry Christmas from my little family.

Backstory: It's Christmas day and I must say I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and today always reminds me of how lucky I am. I've got great fiends and family, and things are going pretty well in all aspects of my life. Granted, I'm not doing tons of exciting things, but I'm still very fortunate. Plus, Sadie's health has been pretty good even though her eye sight is slowly deteriorating. I hope everyone has a great day and remember how lucky we all are.

Day 358

Blurb: Happy family Christmas portrait, showcasing the most important things: the dogs.

Backstory: It's Christmas eve and everyone has descended on the house, including Jenny and here little puppy Sherman. When it's Christmas time I love adding a little flair to the animals' normal outfits. If you look closely in this picture you can see each dog is wearing a little gold bow on their collar to mark the Christmas holiday. It was a little difficult to get them all together because Sadie wanted to follow mom in the kitchen, Ginger was hiding from Sherman and Sherman was just running around. Eventually we did grab them all but as you can see our newest member is very easily distracted.