Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 344

Blurb: Say hello to 18 year old me with my least favorite hair cut of all time.

Backstory: Today was my sorority's Christmas brunch, more festively called Pine Party. It's incredibly adorable because all the old and young members come together, have brunch and exchange ornaments. Another great part of the brunch is that it's held at the house on campus. It's kind of weird to go back there when the students are in sessions but the girls have left for Christmas vacation so it's all ours.
The picture you see above is my composite picture from my freshman year. I love and hate this picture because it brings back a vivid memory of a very specific time.
First, I hated that hair cut more than any hair cut I've received in my entire life. I got it the day before Big Little Reveal and it hadn't grown out by picture day. Secondly, I was one of the palest girls in the pledge class. Last but not least it was INCREDIBLY hot and humid and all the freshmen were the last to go, so any effort I had put in on my appearance was lost. I know that sounds bad but this picture reminds me of a lot of good times.

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