Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 325

Blurb: I'm officially the grumpy old woman in the neighborhood.

Backstory: My house is situated in a beautiful little courtyard and I'm surrounded by five other apartments, some of which are connected. Call me territorial but I believe the majority of the courtyard is mine because of the way my house is situated in relation to everyone else. This brings me to the need for the item in today's picture; one of the guys in the other houses just got a dog and I don't think he's picking up after it. It has been driving me insane!
Not picking up after your dog is one of my biggest pet peeves in the world because my dog eats poop. That means every time someone leaves their shit, there's a possibility Sadie will eat it (she's a good dog but this is her disgusting habit). This situation with the neighbor has been going on for about three weeks and sometime last week I was pushed over the edge. I took to Amazon and ordered the sign you see above. Later tonight I'm going to put this in my yard with a roll of doggy pick up bags, and hopefully he'll get the message. If I need to I will make an addition to the sign that says "My dog eats shit, please do me a solid and pick up your solid."

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