Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 324

Blurb: Trust me, there are two dogs in this picture.

Backstory: If you've learned anything from reading this blog you've learned my dog can be kind of mean. I frequently have to say "she's not friendly" on walks and she loves barking and growling at other dogs. That's why today was such a big deal for us: she met Sherman. Jenny and I have been debating when to introduce them since she got the little guy.
Luckily things did end up well. We started slow, letting them smell each other and after about 15 minutes we let them roam free. I think Sadie does understand that Sherman's a puppy which meant she was a little easier on him then she would have been with a stranger. One factor that does work in Sherman's favor is he's so fast Sadie can't really tell where he's going (a common problem when you only have one eye). If you look at today's picture you'll be able to tell he doesn't sit still.

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