Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 338

Blurb: Daniel refused to get up to take our picture so this angle is kind of odd.

Backstory: This morning my lovely grand-little Chris and I had brunch, her boyfriend Daniel came along as well. The best thing about Chris is that I don't have to make excuses when she's around. She knows I'm kind of a hot mess who doesn't like to clean and that I exclusively wear yoga pants when I'm not at work. This was the first time she'd see my new place (we lived together back in DC). In general she thought I was quite the big girl, but that was all taken away when she saw that I didn't have a shower curtain, only a shower liner. To quote Chris "You are this close to being a big girl, but you're just not there yet." I'm ok with this because honestly I like to have a lot of light when I show. But I miss you Chris.

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  1. First of all I don't think the angle is that weird and second of all now you know how I feel because since I am so tall this is the angle I am always photographed at. Third I like how you said Chris and I had brunch, her boyfriend came along as well....way to really make me feel welcome and invited :)