Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 310

Blurb: I broke one of my cardinal rules.

Backstory: Every year Christmas starts earlier and earlier, seriously. In Columbus one of the radio stations started playing carols the day after Halloween! I'm sorry, that is to early. I'm ok with starting the music in the middle of the month or maybe a few days before Thanksgiving but the day after trick or treat is too early. If we lived in a perfect world Christmas carols wouldn't start until December, the month when we actually celebrate the holiday.
Now that I've set you up with this rant I can explain how I broke one of my rules. I don't listen to Christmas music until the middle of the month and I try not to listen to it until the day after Thanksgiving. When it comes to buying holiday related stuff I will not buy anything until December. This is something I'm normally pretty strict about, at least until I saw what Sadie is wearing. Target put out ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs and they were only $2.50! I just had to buy it, even though I felt a little bit of shame.

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