Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 335

Blurb: Look at all this random crap.

Backstory: Today's post is a tribute to impulse buying. For the past month and a half I've been trying not to purchase things I don't need. I'm doing this for many reasons, some of which include: saving money, conserving space and consuming less. My quest to buy less has been going pretty well, but it's become a lot more difficult now that the urge to Christmas shop has kicked in. I really feel myself getting whipped into a credit card and commercial induced frenzy.
Today I went to the store with one of my co-workers with the intention of buying some de-icing spray and dog treats, but somehow we ended up at World Market. This is one of the worst stores for me when it comes to impulse buying because it's filled with old fashioned and European candy, booze and cute little knick-knacks. In the end I came home with a bottle of wine, gourmet oreos, a chocolate bar, dutch caramel cookies, extremely alcoholic beer and chocolate flavored soda. I needed none of this but hey, I'm going to enjoy it.

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