Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 60

Blurb: I can't tell if this is a totally stupid idea but I think it might be.

Blurb: Today I decided to do a little experiment on myself. It should be noted that there are many flaws to this exercise but who really cares, I'm going to talk about fake pot brownies. Obviously if I was a real scientist there would be a control group and I probably would have needed to do this over a couple days.
In the picture you'll see what I ate earlier today, it's called a Lazy Cake. It's filled with organic materials and melatonin, which is what your body produces naturally to make you sleep. Lazy Cakes are marketed as the non-pot Pot brownies. We received a box at work and we're going to do a segment on them so I figured it would be a fun idea to try them out.
Right now it's just before 7pm and I ate the lazy cake around 6:10pm. Honestly, I feel about the same as I would have without the brownie; I'm not feeling any worse or better just normal. I've never had a pot brownie so I was kind of anticipating a feeling similar to when you take NyQuil and stay up for a while. Nothing. I was a little tired to begin with but nothing has really changed from that.
So experiment results: Fail. If I want to get a real result I'm probably going to have to try it again.

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