Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65

Blurb: This is how you know you're shopping in the right place.

Backstory: The search is on for the perfect hipster outfit and fanny-pack. The two are not exclusive but they're both needed for some epic outfits I'm planning for my trip to the District. Ideally the outfit would involve a pastel Member's Only jacket and the fanny-pack just needs to be annoying but extra points would be given got for anything patriotic.
There's only one place in Columbus where you can go to find truly interesting clothing: Rag-O-Rama. The mannequin pictured above is one of the many displays inside the store that looks really crazy. It's a used clothing store that specializes in costumes, up to date clothing and the weird.
Today's visit was a bit of a wash because I didn't find any of my two most needed items but I did find two good things, a small purse that has a Native American feel and a t-shirt from Columbus must shop store Homage. The shirt says "the Lord is my Shepard but Bobby Knight is the coach." It's a shirt I've wanted for a while so I was pretty happy to get it for a couple dollars off.
The search is now is ongoing status for my must have DC clothing items. I want to use the fanny-pack to be an annoying tourist and I need the hipster outfit to go to this hipster bar near my old house. If you have either of these and are willing to lend them to me it would be much appreciated.

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