Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 85

Blurb: This is what happens when you tangle with Fat Nora.

Backstory: I could have used a picture from Georgetown or one of my friends but I decided to use this picture because it's one of my favorite, ever. Meet Fat Nora, my friend Becky's roommate's cat. Nora probably weighs over 25 pounds and rules the roost with iron claws. She enjoys chasing Reilly around and getting in Becky's room, two things she's not allowed to do. I was picking Nora up to get her out of the room when this happened. She's like trying to hold a really big water bottle; it easily slips out of your hand and it always feels like it's going to bust. Every time I look at this picture I laugh hysterically remembering how heavy she was and how hard it was to hold onto her.
Ok, now to the weekend. Last night we stayed out very late, even by normal person standard. It started out watching OSU lose to Kentucky at Buffalo Billiards in Dupont. There were so many people there the bouncer was making people wait to get in; this has never happened to me at any bar let alone and underground sport bar. We had a great time but it sucked because Ohio State lost in the last few seconds. Not wanting to stay there any longer we crossed the circle to the best place in DC: Kramer's books. It's a book store that also has a bar and restaurant, and they're open 24 hours of the week.
Kramer's is one of those can't miss places in DC. Everyone goes there because it's freaking awesome. The books are a mix of popular and somewhat indie and they have a huge inventory. In addition to this you can have a beer or a piece of pie during your stop. I consider Kramer's multi-tasking at its finest. We had a so-so late dinner with amazing deserts. We didn't wrap up there until almost 2am.
Today we didn't get up and moving until 11am. We started with a great walk for Reilly at the dog park where I used to take Sadie. The two of us have many good memories from that small, dirt filled corner lot. It's a very small space but it's open and the dog love it. Reilly is also hilarious to watch because all he does is run in circles. He's the kind of dog this park was made for.
After that it was strait off to Georgetown for brunch with some of our favorite news ladies and Jack. We met Nicole and Alison at Old Glory, a barbecue place I've always want to go but didn't have time to while I lived there. The food in general was nothing special but the cayenne syrup was really good with the sweet potato pancake.
Following brunch we engaged in one of my favorite past times: Antiquing. Alison and I used to talk about antiques and interior design blogs all the time at work and she knows the best places to get good, cheap stuff in the Georgetown. I could easily go antiquing all day but we had to breeze through it to make dinner in Virginia.
Dinner was a very long evening and we're staying in tonight and getting frozen yogurt, one of my favorite things. I'm starting to remember what was so hard about living in the District, you spend a lot of time running around and spending money.

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