Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 81

Blurb: Nothing is more fun than indoor fireworks.

Backstory: One of the few things I wasn't allowed to watch growing up was wrestling. My mom still doesn't think it's healthy for young kids to watch people hitting each other, she says it warps their perspective on relationships. As a 10-year old all I wanted to do was watched the British Bulldog slam some people in the ring, but it was not allowed out our house.
WWE Smackdown was a serious event. These shows have a very high production value and there are story lines.It's kind of like a man soap opera and I didn't realize what I was getting into. The fans are serious about the characters and they draw you in with them, which is what happened. Without knowing what happened I was suddenly engulfed in the story, screaming with the rest of the fans.
We got to the event a little early and had time to take in the sights and sounds of Smackdown. There are a lot of little kids that get really into the show. They run around in John Cena shirts and Mysterio masks cheering for the best known characters and buying a ton of merchandise. I think that vibe helped get me into the event. It also helped that I was very open to the experience. It was definitely a way for me to fulfill a childhood dream.
I also learned a great lesson about friendship that I'd like to share with you, let me set the scene: Christian is getting ready to take on Alberto Del Rio, who's the heel. Less than a week ago Del Rio had done a number on Christian's friend The Edge, injuring Edge's elbow. It was a very violent event and the commissioner of wrestling told them both if they touched each other they'd be banned from Wrestlemania! When Christian came out for his match The Edge came with him to stare down Del Rio. I forget exactly how it all happened but Christian threw Del Rio out of the ring. This was the most tempting thing for The Edge, who was handed a chair by the production staff. The Edge stood over Del Rio tempted with the thought of easy prey but he was also conflicted because if he hit him he would be allowed to go to Wrestlemania.
This is where the true story of friendship takes place. Christian came over and took the chair out of The Edge's hands, preventing him from losing his chance at the biggest event in wrestling. Instead Christian took the chair and used it on Del Rio, saving his friend and avenging him at the same time.

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