Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 87

Blurb: Oh, back to school. Back to school, to prove to dad I'm not a fool.

Backstory: There are very few things more frightening then seeing dozens of kids run down a hill towards you. It's like a tidal way of children as they scream and dart back and forth to each object on the playground during recess. This was my first experience with Kindergartners since being one of them. The first ten minutes I was in complete shock, thank goodness that wore off within the hour, because as O'Hara told Arnold in Kindergarten cop "they can smell the fear."
Honestly they were not bad at all, they were very well behaved. When preparing myself to visit Katie's class I had readied myself for the worst. I was ready to have kids sit on my lap and try to wipe boogers on me. Instead I just heard a lot of talking and got a few very nice hugs.
What I first noticed about the kids is that most of them like to talk, and they do it a lot. They will talk about anything; the Easter bunny and their siblings were hot topics along with Justin Bieber. I didn't believe how big the Biebs is with kids until I was in class and I had a lot of them tell me about how much they love him.
The second thing I noticed is that it really is a few bad apples that ruin the bunch. Out of the 23 or 24 kids there were four who caused all the trouble. These were on the ones who interrupted the teacher, talked to everyone and got up when they weren't supposed to. I didn't understand the issue of class size until I sat in a little room filled with Kindergartners. They require a lot of attention and it's really hard to make sure they're all learning. I give Katie a lot of credit, she has some sort of system for making sure they learn. If you ever think teachers have easy jobs let one of them leave you alone with their classroom for an afternoon, with no help, and see how you do. If you're like me chances are you will freeze in your Speary top siders.

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