Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 66

Blurb: Nothing starts a week off right like wine week.

Backstory: Twice a year something magical happens, wine week. It's when Smith and Wollensky offers a flight of wine for ten dollars during lunch; you get ten tastings of wine and if you're lucky you get more. I got a little more because I kept drinking people's glasses. This post is a day late because I was not in any condition to be using technology when I got home.
It was a delicious and fantastic time, even though I did spend a little too much. I decided to go with lower calories and higher cost, but when you think about it I was actually eating dinner. On my plate: a filet with no sauce and asparagus. At least that's what it was until my little sister got there. As thanks for her coming to get me I ordered her truffle Mac and Cheese and we split a huge piece of chocolate cake. Jenny's food was AMAZING and it was extremely hard to not hit her and take it. Moral of the story: wine is good and dieting sucks.

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