Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 84

Blurb: Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. It's welcome back Bailey to the District.

Backstory: It's Friday and I'm in the District. Now begins a weekend of fun and reliving the past. I suppose the trip is going to be like going back to college for people who went away to college. First on the list to head back to old work and my old hood.
Old work has done a lot of changing and it's made me glad I jumped ship when I did. A lot of people have been laid off and that big newsroom is looking pretty empty. Also, there are a lot of mice and mouse traps around the building. Apparently Politico's mouse even has its own twitter account. When I got there on Friday night guys were just walking around the newsroom throwing down old fashion mouse traps with nothing on them. Apparently they work and I know they work on humans because they're keeping me away.
As for old hood things haven't changed too much. My friend Jack has come up with a great way to describe all the trash you find in our neighborhood: the garbage fairy. She walks around and throws trash for dogs to eat and little kids to pick up. If you are a dog owner you know the garbage fairy very well. I was staying with my friend Becky and she just got a little dog who has started to eat some of this yummy trash. The worst thing in the world is that people will throw their chicken bones on the ground and the dogs go nuts for them. Sadie used to pick them up all the time and Reilly had about three tonight.
Now it's off for an evening of frolicking through out my halfway homeland. Luckily things don't change that much in DC so it's easy to relive the past and do your favorite things. Hopefully I can fit everything in.

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