Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 59

Blurb: I should seriously own stock in this place.

Backstory: My family has a serious Tres Potrillos problem. When you look at my blog it's easy to see that this is the place I go most frequently, and I can admit it was the place I missed most while living in DC. The food is just so cheesy and fried and the margaritas wet your whistle in just the right way.
Of course tonight was discount Cadillac night so we were obligated to go. It would be a crime against America if I didn't, seriously. A jumbo drink normally cost about $9 but on Monday nights they only cost $4.99. That's a huge savings, and I'm a woman who knows how to appreciate a good value.
Now I'm ready to nod off to a happy drink induced sleep. Thank goodness I saved the majority of my dieting calories for dinner. It's the meal that always gets me because measuring the calories is so difficult. I would seriously weigh over 300 pounds if I lived any closer to Tres.

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