Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 76

Blurb: We're getting serious about weight loss at our house, even Sadie is going on a diet.

Backstory: The midwest has been good for Sadie. Her behavior has changed a lot, specifically her aggression has gone down and she's become a little more social with other animals. Another thing that's changed is her waistline, it has expanded.
When we went to the vet in January he called her a little football and said she needed to lose about three pound, which is a decent amount for a dog her size. Recently we've noticed she's gained even more weight. My dad asked if she'd been eating lead because she's a solid, compacted little thing. It's really like picking up a boulder. I'm trying to get healthy and I've decided she's going to get in on the fun.
What you see pictured above is the dog version of Jenny Craig. Each day she gets two packages of pre-portioned food and two special dog biscuits. The portions of food are about a fourth of a cup, the kibbles are a little bigger and much harder than normal food. So far she doesn't seem to mind the diet food. It's true dogs don't really care what they eat.

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