Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 88

Blurb: From far away the cherry blossoms look like clouds surrounding the tidal basin, or the lace on the bottom of a wedding dress. When you get up close the blooms look like little pieces of popcorn on branches.

Backstory: I've wrapped up my mini-vacation in DC and Virginia. Overall I had a great time and it was so nice to be able to see everyone. I left feeling just as conflicted about my move has I did over six months ago. The most complicated relationship I have in my life is the one I have with this city. I love it and loath it at the same time. I love the history and life blood but I hate that it's far away from my family and that people can be mean.
There are reason to stay in Columbus and reason to say in Washington. I don't know if I'll ever figure out which city I prefer because it always feels like I want to be in the other city. Taking small vacations will probably be the way I handle my missing of DC. I would love to have a job that lets me stay in Columbus for three weeks out of the month and a week in DC. There are so many things I love to do in the District that I would need a week to do them. Plus, people operate on very different schedules and you always miss someone.
All in all I'm happy I left DC. My overall quality of life is better and I seem to be happier. I remember this time last year very vividly because it was the first time Sadie bit me in the face and we had termites in our bathroom wall. I was absolutely miserable at this time last year. When looking at this time last year I've definitely progressed. I've lost some weight and things seem pretty good. So here's to you DC, may you always be there for me to visit.

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