Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 64

Blurb: This is how all women like to spend their Saturdays, watching other much more physically fit women get painted to look like avatars.

Backstory: It's the Arnold Fitness Expo weekend in Columbus. Thousands of the most muscular people in the world have descended on Columbus for four days of non-stop iron pumping madness. These are people who you seldom see roaming around in the wild, it's another reason this event is such a big thing.
It's hard to really explain the whole event unless you were there because it was a little overwhelming. Tons of people were squished into a large space that didn't seem big but it was. There are also lots of free sample and people will fight each other for a little glass of protein shake. Don't even try to get in the way when there are actually free things in bulk. Plus, the events that actually happen are crazy. We saw ten men lift a thousand pounds of timber over 30 feet in less than 12 seconds.
It's an event that's both serious for the competitors and fun for the attendees who come to do a little freak spotting. As you can imagine I was in the latter group. This lady you see in the picture was one of the first people I saw at the event, which was super crowded. My friend and I had a fun little game called spot the meat, there were many different categories like starter meat, female meat and serious meat. This woman just fell into the other category.
The people at this event are extremely dedicated to working their bodies into the perfect shape. It's not necessarily my idea of beauty but I appreciate the time and effort they put in. Plus, everyone is tan. Apparently if you're a body builder you are not allowed to be pale.
I'm a little tired after spending hours at the Arnold but it was a good time. I got to see a lot of muscular people who made me feel a little bad about myself, but it was worth it to see people lift really heavy stuff. Next year I think I will just go to the classic where you see the actual people with lots and lots of muscles.

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