Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 72

Blurb: Ladies man your stations.

Backstory: To many people this is a frightening or confusing site. It's a table covered with craft materials that will magically transform into wedding invitations. It involves lots of cutting, gluing and folding and everything is very small.
My friend Megan is getting married in June and the wedding party was called in today to make invitations. This picture is of her table with all the "stations" of things she needed finished. She set this all up before we got there so all you had to do was sit down and get crafting (I recommend other brides do this, plus she had food so I am more likely to come back).
Today I folded the main invitations, cut paper, punched out flowers and tied ribbons for the invitations. As someone who grew up doing crafts, things like this are actually fun for me. I can sit silently or while watching tv and do tedious activities for hours, I find it very soothing. Next weekend we're doing our final invitation prep then they'll be ready to send out!

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