Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61

Blurb: This is American gluttony at it's finest. 135 cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee in one bag.

Backstory: Today we went to the land of excess as a family. This place is also known as Sam's Club. If you're not familiar with this place it's similar to Costco, and if you're not familiar with Costco it's a store that sells EVERYTHING in bulk.
I can't decide how I feel about buying in bulk. In some instances I think it's extremely wasteful but in other ways it's great. On the good side I got an 80 pack of Caribou K cups for $30, something that would have cost me over $50 at Target. On the other side, do you really need 15 rolls of paper towels or a gallon tub of mayonnaise? These are the questions a visit to Sam's Club induces.

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