Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 78

Blurb: Why, hello french toast. We meet again.

Backstory: This morning my long lost friend Cara and I went to brunch at Cap City Diner. I haven't seen Cara in two years and I had gift Cameron Mitchell gift cards so it seemed like a good reason to get together and eat.
Pictured above is the breakfast I had minus the bacon. The toast tasted more like a pound cake than a traditional bread. It was good but very rich. The only part I didn't like about dish was the bottom of the toast was somewhat under done. Also, the bacon was kind of weird. It's the only place I've ever had glazed bacon. The whole theme of this meal was richness. I could only eat two or three pieces of the bacon, which was less than half the pile.
All in all the meal was good. It's not the best french toast I've had, but it should also be noted that I'm a connoisseur l'pain de francais. Just in case you're wondering the title of best french toast belongs to The Heights on the corner of 14th and Kenyon in Columbia Heights. They take home the title because of their delicious caramel-pecan sauce.

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