Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 86

Blurb: Katie and I are the perfect old women and we're only 25.

Backstory: After a rag-tag 48 hours in the District I've headed beyond the beltway and into Fredericksburg, Virginia. My best friend Katie moved here around the same time I moved to DC, so it was a great coincidence. The best thing about Fredericksburg, besides Katie, is the antique shopping. As you might of noticed from yesterday's post it's something I enjoy doing.
The downtown part of the city is lined with antique stores that sell some pretty good stuff at fair prices. A lot of stores here in Columbus will jack up the prices on things you get get pretty cheap in Fredericksburg, so I like to take my time and go through every store within a three block radius. It's a really good thing Katie likes to shop for old things too. While there I bought two light blue old canning jars, two vintage maps of Canada and a Reagan campaign button for my friend Monica. We did this for hours and needless to say I was exhausted.
Afterwards we had a little something to eat then we just hung out at Katie's house and watched movies. It was a big relief to just do this because I'm not used to doing a lot of stuff, I live a very low key existence. We had a nice round of 90s movies and we finished out deserts from the restaurant.

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