Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 240

Blurb: Awww look at us.

Backstory: I'm sure you're familiar with this young lady, she's been pictured in my blog before enjoying some margaritas. It's my former DC roommate and grand little Christine "Chrissy" "Chris" Dennis. Right now this little booger is living in Cincinnati and denying me her entertaining in-person conversation. Today I was luckily enough to catch this lady about town after a bachelorette party, needless to say she was hungover when we met.
Because she was in need of greasy food and because I love greasy food in general, we went to one of my favorite old haunts: Jack and Benny's. It's a diner specializing in breakfast and it's right outside OSU's off campus area. During my junior and senior years of college I probably went there every other week. Chris on the other hand had never had the fantastic experience of Jack and Benny's buckeye pancake and butter drenched hash browns. So we enjoyed ourselves today, gorging in food and talking all manners of shit. I miss her little face and hope to see more as the year progresses.

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