Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 219

Blurb: If I had a business this is the sign that would be out in front.

Backstory: I'm a sucker for flea markets. It's a little disappointing being in Columbus because there aren't any stand out events like the Georgetown Flea or Brooklyn Flea, which I've been told is epic. Luckily there's a group of people trying to put together an upstanding little gathering in the Short North and they held their second annual event today. I wasn't incredibly impressed but it was a nice start.
There were a lot of vendors selling homemade t-shirts that said something about Columbus or life in Ohio. Then there were my favorite booths, the ones selling the old stuff which consisted of small collectibles. That was my main beef with the event, there weren't more people selling large items like side tables and chairs. I have boxes filled with nick-nacks and my mother has generations of collections in the crawl space; so there was a lot of stuff I'd never buy.
With that said, I do hope the organizers keep up the good work. It was organized, clean and in a good location. Hopefully this thing will grow and that will bring in people who have larger pieces to offer and not just little collectible.

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