Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 233

Blurb: Getting a little sand.

Backstory: This is only the second volleyball game I've played in this season. A couple games have been rained out and I didn't show up to last week's match. The rain actually held off and it was a beautiful day to get out on the court. We've kept our losing streak alive; we've only won one game and that's because the other team didn't show up.
Even with that fact we played pretty well today. In my humble opinion it was the best we've ever played, and definitely the best I've played this season. Take this all with a grain of salt because again we are playing at a bar (maybe it was the two beers before hand that helped me). The only bad thing about playing volleyball in the sand is that you end up with little granules in places you didn't think sand could get. I found some on the back of my neck while I was taking a shower, hopefully that means I was trying hard.

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