Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 227

Blurb: Such a pretty place, do bad things went downhill fast.

Backstory: I'm never one to shy away from an embrassing story even when it involves myself. So here's a tale for you to enjoy:
My entire year has revolved around dropping my excess lbs. Today I was feeling ambitious (which I always am on Mondays) and I decided to go out to the new park in Columbus and attend one of the free bootcamps. It was a beautiful day outside and it seemed like the perfect evening plan, plus I was pretty confident that I was in good shape enough to not embarrass myself in public. Boy was I wrong.
The trainers started out by having us run, they specifically said fast as if zombies were chasing you, around a city block. Things went well for the first leg of the block then they slowly went downhill as almost everyone in the class passed me. At this point I still have my wits about me but my chest is burning, so they segway into high knees and butt kicks. I participated in this a little but walked most of the way.
We did a few more running activities then segwayed to doing the wheel barrel with a partner and that's when it all came crashing down. My partner and I did the length of the yard then I became totally incoherent. This has never happened to be before' my world just started spinning, I had to sit down and I knew I had to vomit. So I left the work out, walked over to a trash can and threw up. Luckily it wasn't a scene, no one really noticed but I was a still a little embarrassed.
One girl did come over and asked if I was ok, I sheepishly said yes. She was very kind and told me it was the hardest part of the work out. After that I gathered my wits about me and headed back out and finished the class working at my own pace. Needless to say I won't be going back anytime soon.

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