Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 234

Blurb: Departing from my normal Hooters experience.

Backstory: For about the last two weeks I've been craving hot wings and the last couple days the cravings became unbearable. Thank goodness mom finally gave in today and went with me to a local place called Roosters. It's a departure from our normal outings at Hooters, but the food is just as good, they even have mac and cheese bites. The wings fulfilled my every wish and the blue cheese on the side was fantastic, leaving me a very happy camper.
What kind of funny about all of this is I didn't start eating hot wings until about two years ago. My family has always loved going out to Roosters but I always got wings with mild sauce, now I can't get enough of the hot stuff. This past year I've found how funny it is that our tastes really do change as we get older. I've started eating salads and spicier food. Hopefully my palate will expand more this year because I really need to stop eating crap.

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