Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 220

Blurb: Happy new shoes Monday!

Backstory: While I like looking at shoes, my feet don't enjoy wearing many different styles. Expensive high heels may be fun to look at, but I'm in touch with reality. I know I'm never going to wear them and when I do I'm going to complain that my feet hurt. Plus, I work at night were people only see what I'm wearing if I point it out and say "HEY, look at this."
If you're not a fan of boat shoes I'm sorry, because I love them. The pair you see above now makes me the proud owner of multiple pairs. They're incredibly comfy and JCrew has teamed up with Sperry to make some adorable limited edition ones. I wear my gold pair almost every day to work but I had intended they be for special occasion, which I why I'm so thrilled with today's arrival. When I wake up tomorrow morning I'm going to be a little more excited because I'll have these babies to slip on.

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