Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 239

Blurb: Yes, this is an owl made from bacon.

Backstory: Today I did something child Bailey would have been really proud of: I went to Bacon Camp. It's a lot like what it sounds like, I ate bacon in many different forms for an hour. I'm just going to get strait to the meat, here's what I had:
Bacon Eclair
Bacon Cheddar Dip
Bacon-Whiskey Jelly
Bacon Pop-Tart
Three different types of BLTs
Bacon Wrapped dates stuffed with Pecans
Bacon Cupcakes with Avocado dressing
Spicy-Sweet Bacon
and some type of Bacon Manwich
Yeah, that was a lot of bacon and it was actually pretty overwhelming when I was done. Did I also mention that there was a big plate of bacon so you could just eat it whenever you needed a normal fix?
I have to give credit to the people who came up with the really unique recipes, which were judged in competition. Most of the restaurants that were there had tasting plates with savory snacks; all of the BLTs were made by restaurants. The competition food on the other hand was extremely unique and the majority of it mixed bacon with some type of sweet.
It was a tie when it came to picking my favorite, it was a toss up between the bacon pop tart and the bacon eclair. When it came to the pop tart I really enjoyed it because the pastry wasn't too sweet, it was a nice balance with the bacon because bacon can be an overwhelming flavor. It was one of the few things I wanted to go back and eat, the only problem was they were eaten every quickly. The eclair had a really interesting brown sugar flavoring that was the most unique in the competition. Plus there were baby eclairs so you could eat more than one. The bacon flavoring in this was very understated and it seems like a very classy desert.
So today I salute bacon camp and that amazing bacon owl structure you see in the picture. No, you could not eat this, or the neighboring picture of Kevin Bacon, but it was totally made up for with the half a pig I consumed.

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