Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 232

Blurb: I'm so in love with this couch right now.

Backstory: My move in date on Mohawk Street is slowly approaching and all I want to do is buy stuff. Today Jenny's in town and we went for a little stroll through the Short North. Of course we went into my favorite housewares consignment store where I came face to face with this beautiful couch. I've been looking for the perfect centerpiece for my living room and I think this could be it. Look at the way it curves and the deep seating area. It's so unique and because the slip cover is so nondescript there are thousands of options for decorating.
Now that I've let all this glee wash over me let's get back to reality: I don't move for a month, I don't have anywhere to put it and you should never buy furniture until you've moved into a place. What happens if I buy my one true love and it doesn't fit. I would be $800 lighter and in need of a new couch. Plus, I kind of want to recover this but my mom doesn't know if she can do it. While I have confidence she can it only matters that she thinks she can do it. So right now I'm in love couch limbo trying to decide what to do.

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