Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 238

Blurb: This shit is insane.

Backstory: Who knew people in Columbus would get so excited over food trucks? I certainly didn't expect it when I headed out to the first food truck festival. It was so incredibly crowded when I got there you couldn't move. Some of the lines for the trucks were a hundred people deep and there were only two beverage tents at the event (and when I say beverage tents I mean any type of drink). It was a great event for the vendors but when it came to people who actually wanted to eat it sucked.
I don't think the event planners were prepared for the number of people that would show up. One of the local sites says 12,000 people attended the six hour food-fest. It was held on the Columbus Commons and that place was totally packed, children were running around like pacts of wild animals while I was trying to get food. This added to my upset along with the fact that I couldn't get a grilled cheese sandwich from the grilled cheese truck. It was an ok time, so whatever.

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