Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 229

Blurb: Getting ready for Pelotonia.

Backstory: There's a great grass roots event in Columbus called Pelotonia. It's a massive bike ride to raise money to cure cancer; their slogan is "End Cancer. Period." I'm lucky to work with some inspiring people who are riding in the event this year; my editor Natasha is riding over 40 miles and one of our reporters, Maria - who's had breast cancer and survived a second scare, is riding over a hundred.
Both are riding with the same team called "Riding in Stile" and they had an amazing event tonight at the Smith Brother's Hardware building downtown. Thank goodness I actually wore nice close because it was a classy event with booze and small food on plates. I'm happy to support the ladies in their ride because it's a grueling test of strength and will. Good Luck this weekend.

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