Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 218

Blurb: Manly men throwing bags of hay in skirts.

Backstory: There's a small, wealthy community outside of Columbus called Dublin. There aren't really a lot of Irish people there but they love to celebrate their heritage once a year with a big festival. Today I went with my sister, her boy friend and one of their friends to the festival. Luckily we went in the late morning so things weren't to hot, but this quickly changed as the minutes ticked away.
It was my first time going, and I must say, even though it's very expensive it was enjoyable. Instead of having lots of typical fair/festival nick-nacks they had vendors selling specifically Irish things, and I think there were a few sellers who might have been specifically imported from the Emerald Isle. The most entertaining part of the festival is what you see above, The Highland Games. Contestants do a lot of different things that all revolve around throwing something heavy. That could be a large rock (seriously, that was one of the events) or tossing a little telephone pole. So it was a happy Saturday, but I'm glad we left when we did because it got really hot.

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