Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 224

Blurb: One of the last remaining adults without an iPhone now has one.

Backstory: Earlier this week my phone bit the dust. I have no clue why but the touch screen stopped working, which meant I could only receive call and nothing else. I'd been pretty happy with the second hand Samsung phone, it sent texts and made calls plus I actually liked the keyboard. Now, even though I'd been happy with the Samsung I always kind of wanted an iPhone. What can I say, I wanted to tweet, take instagram pictures of the dog and use Google Maps.
The situation with the dead touch screen meant I actually had to get a knew phone and that's what you see above: my new iPhone. Thank goodness it only took two days to get the new phone because I'm always worried my car will break down or I'll get in an emergency when I don't have a phone. When I opened the box everything was roses and apps, I plugged it in and took a nap. After dinner I got serious about setting up the phone and it went fairly smoothly until it came to connecting to the network.
What was supposed to be an easy set up turned into an evening eating ordeal. When it was all said and done I'd spent an hour and twenty minutes on the phone with AT&T customer service and still didn't have a working phone. While this is extremely frustrating I tried to remind myself that this was clearly a first world problem. Children are starving across the Horn of Africa and I'm complaining that I can't tweet what I had for dinner. Now I have to go to an AT&T store tomorrow, hopefully that experience won't last over a hour.

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