Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 235

Blurb: If I'm ever gonna land me a husband I better learn to cook.

Backstory: Dad's out of town which means mom and I are not really eating like normal people. What you see in the picture is what I made for dinner: heat up TGI-Friday's buffalo bites and ice cream. Now, originally this is just what I was going to have for dinner but mom's sewing appointment ran late, so she joined in. Here's what she said after we decided to heat up the whole box of buffalo bites:
"So what else are we fixing?
Me "I wasn't going to fix anything else. I was just going to have this and ice cream."
After that mom started laughed and cut herself a cucumber. I was very happy with the meal and she didn't seem to complain. The buffalo bites definitely weren't as good as last night's wings but they got the job done.

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