Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 178

Blurb: This is what fried Kool-Aid looks like.

Backstory: The best thing about summer is that people get more creative with the things they can fry. This year's new fried food trend is fried Kool-Aid and being that I work in local tv, we put the challenge out there for a chef to come in and make it. This is definitely a more high class version of what they'll serve at the fair; the chef created these little balls by adding Kool-Aid to benya batter then filled them with a Kool-Aid jelly and rolled them in packets of Kool-Aid.
Don't get me wrong, I grew up loving this stuff but it was a little bit too much, even for me. The actual ball filled with jelly was ok but the raw mix took the creation over the edge, and it was not an edge I was pleased with. For all the adults out there who don't remember raw Kool-Aid is actually very tart, hence why we add tons and tons of sugar. My final verdict is that I would not waste your money on this if you see it at the state fair, it's probably the biggest food hoax there.

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