Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 192

Blurb: This is what we like to call tv magic.

Backstory: Whenever you're watching Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray you see them pull out finished products from under their Mary Poppins credenzas. Do you need a finished torte? Why I have it right here along with a matching cocktail and perfect Kate Spade china. These things are filled with gifts for the viewing audience, you might think it's all done by some little person bakery hiding under there, like maybe something out of Willy Wonka. It's actually done by a whole staff that you never see; they run through the shadows known only as the mystical creatures known as producers.
All those amazing things you are made by people before hand. While Martha and Rachael have teams of people who make their magic happen, Good Day just has Julia and sometimes me. Tonight it's my turn to make some special things happen, I made a special syrup for homemade soda. What you see above is the beginning of the slurry that turns into the flavoring of the soda. It all starts with smashing lots of raspberries and mixing sugar, then you do some boiling and some straining. With the cloak of mystery I was able to finish the soda in about a half an hour with mom's help. Hopefully this stuff turns out good, if not I hope everyone's acting chops are sharp.

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