Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 193

Blurb: If we had drank another pitcher this little lady would have come home with us.

Backstory: Today Mom and I committed the cardinal sin of pet ownership: we visited Petland and held puppies. This is a totally acceptable if you don't have a dog at home, but if you do it's pretty much the animal version of cheating on your spouse. You come home and they smell the scent of another animal on your clothes, and they known.
As someone who has a rescue dog, I know going to Petland is the worst thing you can do as a lover of animals. But, after two beers it's a lot of fun to go over there and snuggle the little bundles of joy you know will never come home with you. This little lady is a chiuaua/daschund, more commonly known as a chiwiennie. She only weighed a pound and was so cute and sweet. The only thing that kept us from bringing her home was the fact that Sadie would kill a puppy. It's a harsh reality put it's true. So to make up for our animal holding sins mom bought the girls bones, needless to say they were pleased and forgot about our indiscretions.

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