Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 186

Blurb: It's old folk remedy time.

Backstory: I've been feeling under the weather for a couple days and I'm really looking for any way to kick this cold. I've pumped pretty much every over the counter medicine into my body on a regular 24 hour cycle, so far they're having meager results. Of course this meant I did a little complaining at work. A co-worker bragged about never getting sick, his secret: swabbing his ears three times a week with hydrogen peroxide (it should be noted his guy isn't a crazy old man).
Apparently there's a theory floating around some parts of the Internet claiming colds don't come in through your mouth or nose they come in through your ears. The theorists say your nose and mouth are hot enough to kill the germs that enter the body, the ears on the other hand are cold and an open passage way to your body. This is why cleaning your ears with hydrogen peroxide keeps you from getting sick, it kills the germs just waiting for a one-way ticket to your lungs.
This really attractive picture is me jumping into the cotton swabbing world of cleaning my ears. It was a really refreshing sensation, if you've ever used alcohol swabs on your freshly pierced ears it's like; it kind of bubbled but not too much. I did feel better when I woke up from my pre-work nap, my ears didn't hurt as much as they had before. Apparently you can find crazy theories that work on the Internet.

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