Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 189

Blurb: I don't know about you but I enjoy it when my burgers have street cred.

Backstory: Today I've finally wrapped up all my work now I'm ready to just rest and get two full nights of sleep. Luckily Jenny's in town and she's my willing partner in crime, and by crime I mean eating out. For months people have been talking about Graffiti Burger, I just haven't gotten around to going. It's the same concept as Five Guys where you get one or two patties and tons of toppings; in my opinion it's better than Five Guys.
The burger was really good and incredibly greasy (which is a good thing). The cheese fries were the only thing lacking in the entire meal and that was because the cheese and fries were so hot it was like eating tasteless lava. I seriously felt like a glutton after I finished the meal but it was a nice way to entire the weekend.

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