Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 181

Blurb: I can seriously not stop creepin' on my new place.

Backstory: For the second time in one week I had dinner at what appears to be my favorite restaurant in the city: Dirty Franks. Jenny and I decided mom finally needed to visit and even thought we were very disappointed in her hot dog choice we had a good time. My little sister spends most of her week in Cincinnati so she's never seen my new place, lucky for us it's only about 10 blocks away from Dirty Franks (this does not bode well for my future).
For the second time in about two weeks I went to my new place and walked around the court yard; let's be honest with ourselves this is very creepy and I know that. I just open the little gate and walk right in like I'm already living there and take people to walk around the house. Thank goodness the tenants who live there right now always keep the blinds closed or else I would have the police called on me. When they move out in August I'm seriously considering getting a jump start on weeding the flower beds and planting flowers. This might require a call to the land lord so my new neighbors don't think I'm super crazy (even though I might be).

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