Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 209

Blurb: Having dinner with The 365 Project's biggest fan: my aunt Lilly.

Backstory: I don't know what it is about margaritas and Tres Potrillios; it's like I'm a moth and they're the inescapable bug zapper to which I'm drawn. For the second time in five days I've ended up there by accident. Granted, a lot of my trips to gorge myself in Mexican food and tequila are planned, but just as many of them are not. Originally Lilly, mom and I were going to go downtown to a different restaurant but somehow that got pushed to the side and we went crawling back to our steady.
We kind of had a reason, Lilly had never been there and it was a day that ended in "y." An interesting thing to mention, I actually had a first at Tres today: I ordered desert. It's something I seldom do at restaurants, normally I eat so much at dinner it feels like I'm a food sausage waiting to explode and there's no way more food could fit in.
Today I cast those feelings aside and saddled up to a plate of fried churos and ice cream with Lilly. I must say we were both impressed, they were amazing. They came fresh out of the oven and had the best fried dough taste. Very light but still full of flavor and full of butter with a little cinnamon on top. Couple that with cold ice cream covered in chocolate syrup and you have one delicious experience.
So Lilly, I hope you're reading this and I hope you had a great time with us. We really enjoyed your visit!

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