Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177

Blurb: This line is a test of strength: how long can you wait to snoop in some one's home.

Backstory: Now that I'm preparing to be a resident of German Village it was mandatory that I attend today's Haus und Garten tour. They hold it every year and about 10 rich people open their beautifully remodeled homes to the general public. It's a pretty big event, last year five-thousand people went; this year that number had to be considerable smaller because it rained for most of the morning, which happened to be the time we went.
I was a little disappointed with the tours because most of them only show you the downstairs and I was expecting to see whole houses. In addition to the lack of touring space almost all the houses were very sterile, the decorating didn't seem too personalized. When it comes to living spaces I prefer place that look like they've been lived in, this could also be because I'm a slob and "lived in" is just another term for messy.

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